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This document three-page document begins with a form titled "AIRMAN'S CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE," which states that Gordon had finished his work on the activities that he was responsible for at the Biggs Air Force Base in Texas, prior to being…

This document is a standard form from the Middlesex Probate and Family Court Department that simply states "Court Does Not Require the Memorandum... Happy New Year." It was stored in Charles' files in an envelope addressed to Gordon Copeland…

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This printed letter appears to be a summary of the author's academic and personal affairs of the year 1995 - it may have been sent out to a number of recipients, as it is not addressed to anyone, and is printed from a computer with a handwritten…

Gay Community News staff posed on a staircase, including: Joe Martin, Loretta Lottman, Sasha, Jon Kyper, Ellen B. Davis, Jan Johnson, and David Peterson (in a nun's habit). This is the first photograph taken of the staff of Gay Community News.

Men and women of Gay Community News holding a large banner in the 1990 Pride march in Boston.

This appears to be 6 copies of the same photo on one strip (perhaps a school portrait), wallet-sized, at various levels of contrast. Charles Shively as a teen.

View from behind the pitcher toward home plate at a Daughters of Bilitis softball game.

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Three women smile at the camera from a barrel table on a pier or dock in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Various people can be seen around them.

Six men in bathing suits stand arm-in-arm posing in a line on the beach in Provincetown, Mass. Another man kneels between them with his head poking out from between the middle men's hips.

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A man in a striped bathing suit smiles, flexes, and poses for the camera while on the beach in Provincetown, Mass.

A man wearing a hat, sunglasses, and what appears to be a large puffy dress, stands next to an overturned beach umbrella in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

A man in a feather boa outfit lies on an inflated beach float, apparently sleeping or posing on a beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Pure Polyesther is a hilarious and subversive retelling of the Old Testament story of Esther. The Theater Offensive's purimspiel mixes slapstick, klezmer, cross-dressing, outrageous scenery-chewing, and queer coupling with an earnest message about…

Abe Rybeck, wearing a blonde wig, standing with two other men, one in a bathrobe, at an outdoor protest. Banners on a wall behind the men read "Hunger Kills As Well As Guns, Stop the Embargo" and "No U.S. War on Nicaragua, Stop the Embargo." Other…

Abe Rybeck smiling with his arm around a man wearing a sweater dress and hat that reads "Like a Virgin."

Abe Rybeck, fist raised and smiling, with his arm around a life-size puppet.

A postcard addressed to Mr. Ed. Bernis (Edward Bernier) at his Cambridge, Massachusetts, address (175 Elm Street). The front of the postcard shows the interior of the Ace of Spades Club in Provincetown, Massachusetts, while the message on the card…

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This pamphlet, created by the ACLU of South California Gay Rights Chapter, instructs veterans on how to apply to upgrade their discharge to honorable discharge, if they had been discharged "less than honorably" due to being (or being accused of…

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) is an international direct action advocacy group working to impact the lives of people with AIDS (PWAs). ACT UP/Boston was founded in 1987 as a way to focus local efforts in support of the development of AIDS…

In 1989, founding Artistic Director Abe Rybeck and a group of artist/activists formed The Theater Offensive to expand on the success of the gay men's guerrilla theater troupe, United Fruit Company. The Theater Offensive mounts and produces festivals…

AIDS Action Committee members during a parade, with a banner and many balloons in Copley Square in Boston, MA.

Am Tikva members seated at tables for Passover Seder at the Brookline Jewish Community Center. The congregation Am Tikva – People of Hope – has been serving the Greater Boston community since 1976, creating an open and welcoming environment where… sucks -- 097.jpg
The popular singer, a former Miss Oklahoma and spokesperson for the Florida citrus industry, Anita Bryant became the face of homophobia in 1977 when she campaigned to repeal a Dade County ordinance that prohibited discrimination on the basis of…

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This document is a copy of the form that Charles filled out to reserve the sanctuary of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church (Cambridge MA) for Gordon's memorial service on December 8, 1995. Charles wrote that he anticipated 50-75 people to attend, and…

A man twirls a baton and marches in the 1985 Pride Parade in front of a banner for the Lesbian and Gay Freedom Trail Band.

Dignity/Boston was formed in the first waves of the Gay Liberation movement that followed the Stonewall Riots, and has been providing a home for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) Catholics, their friends and supporters since 1972.…

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Billy died at age 35 yrs. in 1985 in Boston. In this photo he is 20 years of age (1970) at his first Gay Pride Parade in NYC. He was an aspiring actor going to the Circle in the Square acting school. Billy died of AIDS in Boston on October 3, 1985. …

This is Gordon's birth certificate. He was born on June 17, 1931 in Providence RI. His father, also named Gordon, was born in Chatham, England, and his mother, Marie Thomas, was born in Syracuse, New York.

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Birthday card from Allan to Gordon, apologizing for it being a couple days late, dated June 20, 1974.

This small, square, black and white Kodak Velox with scalloped edges appears to be of a living space (lamp, table, candles, vase, record player and vinyl records) with a painted portrait of a man posed in a chair, looking back over his shoulder at…

Demonstrators from the Boston Area Gay Schoolworkers standing under a balcony on which a cameraman can be seen filming.

The Boston Bisexual Women’s Network is a feminist, not-for-profit collective organization whose purpose is to bring women together for support and validation. This photograph shows women in a parade carrying a banner which reads: "Bisexual Pride, Gay…

The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus is one of New England’s largest and most successful community-based choruses. From 1985 to 1997, the BGMC was under the direction of Robert Barney, who now holds the title of Conductor Laureate. In this photograph, the…

In this photograph, a man stands at a podium on a little stage during an auction for the Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance at the Lenox Hotel. Founded as the Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance of Greater Boston (LGPAGB) in 1982, the Lesbian,…
The lower case Greek letter lambda was chosen as a symbol by the Gay Activists Alliance of N.Y. after the group split from the Gay Liberation Front in 1970. The lambda could be mistaken as a college fraternity symbol, but was recognized by those in… sharon home092.jpg
Sharon Kowalski and Karen Thompson were partners in St. Cloud, Minn., for four years when, in 1983, Kowalski suffered massive brain injuries in an automobile accident. A court named Kowalski’s father as legal guardian with the understanding that…

This is a business card for a Deputy Director at the Massachusetts' Department of Correction, named Michael D. Shively (Ph.D.). The History Project does not currently know what relation Michael has to Charles Shively. The card gives Michael's office…

In this photograph, Cambridge Lavender Alliance co-chair Sue Hyde introduces Alice Wolf to the participants at the Alliance sponsored brunch at City Hall. The large group of participants is standing in the lobby of City Hall with Hyde and Wolfe at…

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View of the front facade of a typical cape cottage with floral landscaping in the Provincetown, Mass.

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Greeting card from Allan to Gordon with a conch shell on the front. Allan asks how Gordon's Easter was and says his was "boring. Like every day." Dated April 17, 1974.
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