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Officer William Dickinson, BPD, Community Disorder Unit and Undercover Vice, staring directly at the camera, wearing a suit and tie.

GCN.ORG.00175 - Copy_ref.jpg
Boston Police Department Superintendent John F. Doyle, in an impressive stripes and plaid suit and tie combination, stands in a hallway with uniformed Deputy Superintendent Joseph V. Saia.

Head shot of Donald Devine, not smiling at the camera, wearing a suit and tie.

This photograph has been overlaid with an orange transparency so that the figures of the two police officers and the older man they are talking to stand out in front of a crowd which is not overlaid and remains black and white

A large group of police officers stands on the steps of City Hall in Boston, while David Summers' passage is deflected by a police officer in the middle of the photograph.

GCN.ORG.00171 - Copy_ref.jpg
A close up of the Boston Police patrolman badge.

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The seal of the police painted on a car door.

GCN.ORG.00169 - Copy_ref.jpg
A man face down on the ground being handcuffed by two police officers.

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Seven of the plaintiffs in a case against the San Francisco police, posing for the camera on some steps, looking grim. Some of the 25 plaintiffs who are suing the San Francisco police dept. for beatings on Casino Street, October 6, 1989

GCN.ORG.00167 - Copy_ref.jpg
Photo of the outside fa├žade of the Boston Police Station 4.

GCN.ORG.00166 - Copy_ref.jpg
Head shot of Edward McNelley in suit and tie.

GCN.ORG.00165 - Copy_ref.jpg
Two police officers stare blankly at the camera, wearing full uniform.
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