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Quinn, Robert John 1988-1996

Quinn, Robert John 1988-1999
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Orville Hallrich, Batavia Ohio Judge August 23, 1965
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Probate Judge Orville Hallrich, Batavia Ohio court June 6, 1945
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Based on other letters in the archive, this letter seems to be written by Carol, at the time the wife of Gordon Copeland (Charles Shively’s future partner). unknown to the archivist
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Allan Searcy not dated, but likely February of 1975 based on other letters in the archive
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Allan Searcy not dated (likely between 1973-1974 based on dates of other correspondence in archive)
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The History Project 1982-1997 (Bulk 1995-1997)
Coll #018 David Peterson Collection.pdf

David Peterson 1960-1987
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Next (Publisher: Gary L. Chefetz and Jim Evanelista 1987-1989
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