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Amy Hoffman smiling behind a desk, from Mike Riegle collection.
Unknown Man, Charles Shively, and Mike Riegle working on Fag Rag or GCN issues.
Charles Shively in overalls standing next to a sign reading "Boston Psychic Center and Friendly Tea-Room Reading 4th Floor," from Mike Riegle colllection.
A Fag Rag banner stating "Christianity is the enemy" being carried in a demonstration at Copley Square, from Mike Riegle collection.
Cut-out portrait of Freddie Greenfield, from Mike Riegle collection.
People gathered as part of a GCN celebration in Copley Square, from Mike Riegle collection.
Man holding two young children at a GCN celebration in Copley Square, from Mike Riegle collection.
GCN 10th anniversary celebration, from Mike Riegle collction.
Banner reading "Sojourner Celebrates Gay and Lesbian Pride" at a march, from Mike Riegle collection.
A white Woman and a Black Person on the Boston Commons, both wearing "Foster Equality" stickers. From Mike Riegle collection.
Two Black people wearing glasses, one with a "Foster Equality" sticker on thier shirt. From Mike Riegle collection.
GCN members covering their face with "Subscribe" flyers, from Mike Riegle collection.
Large coalition of GCN marching in a Pride march, from Mike Riegle collection.
Unnamed GCN staff member.
GCN Banner held in an undated Northampton Gay Pride March.

Charley Shively and John Miztel attending a gathering in a park, a third unidentified man is wearing a Gay Community News t-shirt.
Close up portrait of Charley Shively
Charley Shively and others sitting on the floor at Broomfield Gallery, Shively's sillhoute is accented in red overlay.
Charley Shively at a dinner party in Cambridge, MA. Scan "b" includes the photograph with a red overlay.
Singer Woody Simmons performming at Passim's.
Boston University student Mikki speaking at a Student Coalition action against univeristy president John Silver
Drag Performer Sylvia Sydney holding a parasol and coupe glass, possibly at Boston Pride.
Six photographs from Boston Pride 1974 including parade floats, cars, drag performer Sylvia Sidney and other shots.
Drag performers Sylvia Sydney performing.
Drag performers Sylvia Sydney and Gloria Gaynor putting on make up.
Drag performers Sylvia Sydney and Gloria Gaynor posing together.
Local singer Rashida Shah in concert at Morse Auditorium, billed alongside singer Meg Christian.
Author Edmund White and David Scondras at Scondra's City Council campaign event at Glad Day Bookshop.
Picture of James (Jimmy) Saslow, in costume, standing on top of GCN's car in the 1974 Boston Pride parade.
Portrait of Gary Sandison, then President of the AIDS Action Committee, who went on to serve as the Mayor's AIDS Policy Advisor and helped implement one of Boston's first needle exchange programs.
Rosario Salerno at a campaign event for her sucessful bid as an at-large City Council Member.
Massachusetts Representative Byron Rushing at an unknown event.
Portrait of lesbian writer Jane Rule.
Portrait of lesbian writer Jane Rule.
Homophile Community Health Service Exectuive Directo Susan Rosen speaking in front of a podium.
Steven Rose at a desk wearing a "Silence = Death" t-shirt.

Close up of Steven Rose wearing a "Silence = Death" t-shirt.
Flyer for Betsy Rose & Cathy Winter's album "Sweet Sorcery."
AIDS activist and writer Eric Rofes wearing a leather jacket. Inscribed in marker in verso: "I thought people like that killed themselves."
Filmaker Marlon Riggs holding up a fist at a 1990 Lesbian and Gay Studies Conference at Harvard Univeristy.
Poet Adrienne Rich reading at an unknown location.
Winter demonstration, Tom Reeves can be seen speaking in the foreground.
David Thorstad and Tom Reeves on a New York City rooftop
Attorney, previously Cheif Justice, Robert Bonin, Tom Reeves, Reverend Robert Wheatley, and Angela Bonin in Copley Square, Tom Reeves is wearing a "HUBCON '78" (Annual Libertarian Party National Convention).
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