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George Mansour standing in front of the offices of Gay Community News offices at 62 Berkeley St.
Ad with photograph of Richard Burns and Sue Hyde wearing GCN shirts and text: "Richard Burns: GCN, NGLTF, and the Center are institutions central to the gay community. That means they have to accommodate as broad a spectrum of political thought as…
GCN staffers Cindy Patton and Neil Miller holding a banner that reads "Fighting for our lives" at an unknown demonstration. Inscription in verso reads "The Procession begins."
Amy Hoffman speaking behind a podium at the Arlington Street Church after the 1982 arson at 22 Bromfield Street.
GCN editor and author of "In Search of Gay America" Neil Miller publicity photo.
Unidentified person, possibly Jeremy Grainger, wearing GCN tank top marching at a demonstration with the sign "for the gay man who taught in the school, rest in peace." From Mike Riegle collection.
Tom Reeves and Mike Riegle embrace next to burned file cabinets outside 22 Bromfield Street, the location of GCN and Fag Rag offices as well as Glad Day Books, after the 1982 arson. From Mike Riegle collection.
Mike Riegle assessing damage after the arson at 22 Bromfield Street, the entrance to GCN and Fag Rag offices as well as Glad Day Books. Inscription on verso reads "please return to Mike Riegle," from Mike Riegle collection.
Firefighter exiting 22 Bromfield Street, the location of GCN and Fag Rag offices as well as Glad Day Books, after the 1982 arson, from Mike Riegle collection.
Burned file cabinets removed from GCN's offices at 22 Bromfield Street after the 1982 arson, from Mike Reigle collection.
Five unidentified marching at a unknown demonstration, from Mike Riegle collection.
Sherry Edwards, then GCN art director, wearing a black sweater sitting at her desk next to the front windows at 22 Bromfield Street. Edwards reported that, during the 1982 arson, the flames were seen shooting out of that window and that her phone…
Group photo of GCN members. From left to right, back row: possibly Jim Kiley, unidentified person, Mike Riegel; third row: Raymond Hopkins, Janice Irvine, Kim Westheimer, unidentified person bending forward, unidentified person, Loie Hayes,…
Group photo of GCN staffers used in a GCN supporter's newsletter. Back row (l-r): Mike Riegle, Richard Burns, Nancy Wechsler, and David Morris. Front row (l-r): Lisa Hershkop, Chris Gilfoy, Sue Hyde, Cindy Patton, and Larry Goldsmith. From Mike…
Cindy Patton working on a typewriter, from Mike Riegle collection.
Amy Hoffman smiling behind a desk, from Mike Riegle collection.
Mike Riegle, Charles Shively, and unidentified person, possibly Michael Bronski, preparing Fag Rag #27/28 for mailing.
Charles Shively in overalls standing next to a sign reading "Boston Psychic Center and Friendly Tea-Room Reading 4th Floor," from Mike Riegle collection.
A Fag Rag banner stating "Christianity is the enemy" being carried in a demonstration by Old South Church in Copley Square. Three men under the banner from left: Jimmy Sullivan, Unidentified person, Lenny Mather. Unidentified Persons holding the…
Cut-out portrait of Freddie Greenfield, from Mike Riegle collection.
Chris Gilfoy, center forefront, Gordon Gottleib and Eric Rofes, far right under the banner, and unidentified persons celebrating GCN's 10th anniversary in Copley Square. From Mike Riegle collection.
Unidentified person holding two young children at a GCN celebration in Copley Square, from Mike Riegle collection.
GCN 10th anniversary celebration, from Mike Riegle collection.
GCN members covering their face with "Subscribe" flyers. Back row (l-r): Mike Riegle, Richard Burns, Nancy Wechsler, and David Morris. Front row (l-r): Lisa Hershkop, Chris Gilfoy, Sue Hyde, Cindy Patton, and Larry Goldsmith. From Mike Riegle…
Large coalition of GCN marching in a Pride march, from Mike Riegle Collection. Includes David Morris, right, and Larry Goldsmith, center, holding the GCN banner Richard Burns, center, with a child on his shoulders, to his left is Eric Rofes and to…
Demonstrators march with a GCN Banner at an undated Northampton, MA Gay Pride March. Possibly Art Cohen on the left holding banner.
Nancy Walker and Mike Riegle in front of a unicorn etching on leather, framed in wood and copper, by Robert "Bobbie" Lee White, a GCN Prisoner Program pen pal who was a fan of Walker's "Odyssey of a Unicorn" column.
Charley Shively and John Mitzel attending a gathering in a park, a third unidentified man is wearing a Gay Community News t-shirt.
Picture of James (Jimmy) Saslow, in costume, standing on top of the Gay Community News car in the 1974 Boston Pride parade which also marked the 1st anniversary of GCN.
Portrait of David Thorstad in a mockup for April 8th, 1978 issue of GCN.

The ruined entrance and stairway leading up to the Gay Community News office after a fire.

Jimmy (James) Saslow in a unitard with wings poses on the hood of a Gay Community News car in Boston Pride 1974, which also marked the 1st anniversary of GCN.

A man standing at an outdoor gathering with a hat that says Press on it, looking at the camera with a cigarette in his mouth.

Members of the Gay Speakers Bureau sitting and talking at a meeting. Left to Right: Gary Ralph (speaker), Warren Blumenfeld (coordinator), David Peterson (president), Anne Wadsworth (outgoing treasurer, speaker), Nancy Wechsler (speaker).

Mary Kennedy working at her desk at Gay Community News, while Russle Fortune drinks out of a mug behind her.

View of the façade of at 22 Bromfield Street where Gay Community News had its offices above next to the Glad Day Book Shop.

A book/pamphlet prepared after Nancy Walker died in 1996 after a 21 year battle with breast cancer. The book includes selections from the writings of Nancy Walker, as well as several photographs (including two of Nancy).

From this issue of Gay Community News: This will be the last issue of GCN that will have the appearance of a PTA bulletin. To give you a more concise professional paper, next week we will be switching to offset printing. The paper will be then…

From this inaugural issue of Gay Community News (known at that time as the Gay Community Newsletter): There has been a long-standing need in the Boston gay community for improved communication between the various gay organizations and the gay…

In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on April 2, 1989, host Peter Stickel interviews Cindy Patton, former managing editor of Gay Community News (GCN) and Boston's Other Voice Person of the Year. Patton is also the author of several…

In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on August 14, 1988, host Peter Stickel interviews Marc Stein and Stephanie Poggi from Gay Community News (GCN). GCN is an LGBTQ newspaper based in Boston, Mass. Poggi and Stein explain that the…

In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on March 29, 1987, host Peter Stickel interviews Lisa Hershkop, who is also known as "Hershey," from Gay Community News (GCN). They discuss the history of the newspaper, the tone of the stories…

Men and women of Gay Community News holding a large banner in the 1990 Pride march in Boston.

Gay Community News Staff Photo 1973
Gay Community News staff posed on a staircase, including: Joe Martin, Loretta Lottman, Sasha, Jon Kyper, Ellen B. Davis, Jan Johnson, and David Peterson (in a nun's habit). This is the first photograph taken of the staff of Gay Community News.
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