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Scan2 22.jpg
View of the front facade of a typical cape cottage with floral landscaping in the Provincetown, Mass.

Scan2 20.jpg
A color postcard of a summer street scene on Commercial Street in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Scan2 16.jpg
A man caught in mid-dance along the tide line on a beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Scan2 15.jpg
Edward (Eddie) Bernier poses and looks out to sea on a railing of a wharf or pier in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Scan2 13.jpg
Four men and one woman stand on the porch in front of Weathering Heights bar in Provincetown, Mass.

Scan2 12.jpg
An interesting composition of men at the beach. One man in a bathing suit stands with legs wide, back facing the camera, looking down (possibly taking a photograph). Another man in a wrap and straw hat waves what may be a feather in the direction of…

Scan2 10.jpg
Three women smile at the camera from a barrel table on a pier or dock in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Various people can be seen around them.

Scan2 9.jpg
A man in a striped bathing suit smiles, flexes, and poses for the camera while on the beach in Provincetown, Mass.

Scan2 8.jpg
Various men on the beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts, with one man in a striped bathing suit smiling for the camera and posing with his hands over his head in a heart shape.

Scan2 7.jpg
An older woman wearing pearls sips a drink and reads a paper on a pier or dock over the water in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Scan2 5.jpg
Edward (Eddie) Bernier stands behind what appears to be the ruins of a pier on a beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The photograph is blurry, but Eddie appears to be wearing a towel and is holding something in his hand.

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A man wearing a wig and home-made outfit or dress sits on the beach and is wrapped in what appears to be an inflated beach float.

A postcard addressed to Mr. Ed. Bernis (Edward Bernier) at his Cambridge, Massachusetts, address (175 Elm Street). The front of the postcard shows the interior of the Ace of Spades Club in Provincetown, Massachusetts, while the message on the card…

Edward (Eddie) Bernier, center with white gloves, sitting at a table covered with beer bottles at a bar or restaurant in Provincetown, Massachusetts. At the table are three acquaintances, all posing for the camera. The four of them are dressed up,…

A man wearing a hat, sunglasses, and what appears to be a large puffy dress, stands next to an overturned beach umbrella in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Edward (Eddie) Bernier standing on the beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts, wearing what appears to be an outfit made out of towels.

Photograph of a man lying on the beach wearing shorts and a brimmed hat with feathers in it.

A man in a feather boa outfit lies on an inflated beach float, apparently sleeping or posing on a beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

A man in hat, sunglasses, and a feather boa lies on the beach in Provincetown, Mass.

Three men in bathing suits pose on the beach in Provincetown, Mass. Two of the men hold cans of the beer and another is smoking a cigarette. More men can be seen in the background.

Six men in bathing suits stand arm-in-arm posing in a line on the beach in Provincetown, Mass. Another man kneels between them with his head poking out from between the middle men's hips.

Edward (Eddie) Bernier (at left) and George Chapin Scott posing on the beach in bathing suits in Provincetown, Massachusetts. George has his arm around Eddie and Eddie is holding a towel and smiling.

A beach scene in Provincetown, Mass., in which Phil Baione sits on the shoulders of another and is seen throwing his hands up into the air. In the background of the photograph is a packed beach of onlookers and beach-goers.

Edward (Eddie) Bernier, wearing a towel on his head and another wrapped around his body, sits on a table on a pier or dock in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

George Chapin Scott was born August 1916 in Heath, Massachusetts, the only child to Myria F. Chapin and John H. Scott. He first contacted The History Project in 2000 to donate a large collection of local lesbian and gay newspapers, i.e. The Guide,…
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