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Three rows of women from the Boston Women's Community Radio arranged in a portrait, smiling.

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This pamphlet, created by the ACLU of South California Gay Rights Chapter, instructs veterans on how to apply to upgrade their discharge to honorable discharge, if they had been discharged "less than honorably" due to being (or being accused of…
George Mansour standing in front of the offices of Gay Community News offices at 62 Berkeley St.

Tim McFeely holds up a photograph while speaking into a megaphone in a photo gallery.

My wife (Sarah) and I had planned a destination wedding in Florida, but were convinced that we needed to have a Massachusetts marriage license. On the anniversary of our first date, which was a Monday, we brought our wedding outfits to work with us…
Portrait of Jonathan Mann, first Director of the Global Programme on AIDS of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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Allan Searcy was Gordon's boyfriend for a time. Allan wrote to Gordon from various posts in the Navy. This letter is dated May 17, 1973. Allan notes that "It seems every day I mature more. Damn by the time I am 19 I'll be 30," shares praise he…

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Allan Searcy writes from his ship in the Navy to Gordon Copeland, and asks about their mutual friends ("everyone in town") and asks him to say hello to Ricky. Dated May 4, 1973.

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In this letter, Allan writes "it sounds like my *hotline* was right about what was happening downtown," asks about Flo, complains that Ricky didn't write him back, and tells Gordon to say hi to Red (Ricky's friend). Dated June 7, 1973

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Allan writes to Gordon from Charleston, SC ("not AWOL"). In this letter Allan refers to a prior decision to "get out of the Navy" - "to get out on you know what," but says that he has now changed his mind: "I figured it wasn't worth it... So I told…

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In this letter, Allan apologizes for not spending more time with Gordon when he was home ("my mother was sick, what could I do!?") and asks him to say hello to Chuck (Charles Shively?) and again complains about Ricky's lack of correspondence. Dated…

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Greeting card from Allan to Gordon with a conch shell on the front. Allan asks how Gordon's Easter was and says his was "boring. Like every day." Dated April 17, 1974.

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Birthday card from Allan to Gordon, apologizing for it being a couple days late, dated June 20, 1974.

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In this letter, Allan writes "I think there is something you should know. I am now going with somebody, and have been for a couple of months now. I think it is only fair that you should know this. I still think of you as a great friend (I always…

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Allan writes to Gordon from Spain - he didn't like Morocco, but he loves Spain, and he toured a champagne distillery. Dated October 18, 1974.

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Valentine's Day card from Allan Searcy to Gordon Copeland, not dated. "To Gordon, my sweetest Valentine :) "

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In this Valentine's Day card, Allan writes "Gordon, I hope we're still good friends. Let the past be the past, life isn't long enough. Only think of the future. Love, Allan." The greeting card's pre-printed message reads "Valentine, you are... the…

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In this letter, Allan gives his condolences about the death of a mutual friend or family member named Michael, and passes on a message to Judy and (another) Gordon ("I really feel bad and ... I wish them the best of luck"). He asks "How is everyone…

Jack Rubin speaks into a microphone at during a meeting of the Gay Business Association with other members looking on.

The nametag-wearing audience at a Gay Business Association event in a bar with a white elephant on the wall.
Homophile Community Health Service Executive Director Susan Rosen speaking in front of a podium.
Wendy Hunt and Jackie Mack stand behind a DJ booth for an event called "Big Splash."
Jacqui Mac holds a vinyl record next to an unidentified person who is crossed out with marker.
Jacqui Mac posing with an unidentified person in front of vinyl records.
Portrait of Ann Maguire edited for publication, Maguire is wearing a Beantown's Women's Rugby shirt. In the 1970s, Maguire hosted the WBUR radio show Gay Way, managed the Lesbian bar Somewhere, and served as the manager of Elaine Noble's successful…
Literary historian Roger Austen with writer and activist John Mitzel.
John Mitzel posing with The Sexual Outlaw by John Rechy sometime after the crackdown on cruising at the Boston Public Library.

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This letter was filed in Gordon Copeland’s correspondence folder in the Charles Shively archives. Written by hand in cursive, with faded pencil, on yellowed stationary, it is addressed “Dear Skip,” and is not signed or dated. However the stationery…

Abe Rybeck smiling with his arm around a man wearing a sweater dress and hat that reads "Like a Virgin."

Edward (Eddie) Bernier, wearing a towel on his head and another wrapped around his body, sits on a table on a pier or dock in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Edward (Eddie) Bernier (at left) and George Chapin Scott posing on the beach in bathing suits in Provincetown, Massachusetts. George has his arm around Eddie and Eddie is holding a towel and smiling.

Edward (Eddie) Bernier standing on the beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts, wearing what appears to be an outfit made out of towels.

Edward (Eddie) Bernier, center with white gloves, sitting at a table covered with beer bottles at a bar or restaurant in Provincetown, Massachusetts. At the table are three acquaintances, all posing for the camera. The four of them are dressed up,…

A postcard addressed to Mr. Ed. Bernis (Edward Bernier) at his Cambridge, Massachusetts, address (175 Elm Street). The front of the postcard shows the interior of the Ace of Spades Club in Provincetown, Massachusetts, while the message on the card…

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Edward (Eddie) Bernier stands behind what appears to be the ruins of a pier on a beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts. The photograph is blurry, but Eddie appears to be wearing a towel and is holding something in his hand.

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Edward (Eddie) Bernier poses and looks out to sea on a railing of a wharf or pier in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

The Batucada Belles, founded in 1982, are an all-women percussion troupe that has performed the Brazilian-inspired batucada samba in the Boston Pride march, the Walk for Hunger, the AIDS Walk, and other social justice rallies in the Greater Boston…

Cablevision of Boston General Manager, Henry J. Ferris, Jr., presents checks totaling $1,665 to AIDS Action Committee Director, Larry Kessler (on left). The proceeds came from Bravo’s “Unfinished Stories” telethon and from the “Clash of the Legends”…

Tom Barstow, Co-Director of Gay Vote '80, addressing a large audience from a podium under a banner: "Lesbian and Gay Caucus".

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Who made this?Em Gamber, Black & Pink BostonWhere was it made or acquired?Photo at Jamaica Plain branch of the USPSStoryBlack & Pink is an abolitionist organization that seeks to build community and liberation of LGBTQ and HIV+ people…
Elaine Noble, center, and Ann Maguire, her campaign manager, right, on the night of Noble’s successful election to the Massachusetts House in 1974. Noble was the first out LGBTQ+ eperson elected to any US state legislature. Nancy Gertner, left, would…

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Two police officers stare blankly at the camera, wearing full uniform.

In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on May 21, 1989, host Peter Stickel interviews Richard Giglio about the "From All Walks Of Life" walk to benefit AIDS services. Giglio describes the charity walk for AIDS, detailing the specifics…

In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on May 28, 1989, host Peter Stickel interviews Ellen Brenner and Woody Glenn about the Boston Women's Bisexual Network. Brenner and Glenn describe bisexuality is an erotic and emotional…

In this recording that aired on February 8, 1981 (the first episode of Boston's Other Voice), host Dennis Iadarolla offers a segment on PFLAG, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

In this recording from Boston's Other Voice, which aired on April 7, 1985, host Dennis Iadarolla interviews Dr. Marshall Forstein about sexual dysfunction in gay men. This is part 2 of interview, and part 1 is missing.

In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on November 10, 1985, host Dennis Iadarolla interviews musician Debbie Fier. This is part 1 of the interview, and part 2 is missing.

In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on March 9, 1986, host Peter Stickel interviews Jackie Fosha, director of Creative Choice.
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