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Ginny Apuzzo smiling at the podium in Faneuil Hall during at speech about passing the Boston Human Rights Ordinance.

View from the balcony in Faneuil Hall of Ginny Apuzzo giving a speech on stage with the banner: "Pass the Boston Human Rights Ordinance, Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance," with a full audience looking on.

Ginny Apuzzo speaking in front of a microphone.

Originally captioned: "BL/GPA honorees, from left, Larry Kessler, AIDS Action Committee; Jane Pincus and Wendy Sanford (rear) of the Boston Women's Healthbook Collective; Urvashi Vaid; David Peterson."

The Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance…

A woman speaks at a podium which has the word "China" on the front of it, in front of a banner for the Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance Community Recognition Evening.

A view of the audience standing and clapping inside Faneuil Hall.

A panel of people at a press conference, all of whom are making interesting faces. Press conference called by Boston Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance with Massachusetts Gay Political Caucus and Boston's Wards Democratic Committee.

In this photograph, a man stands at a podium on a little stage during an auction for the Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance at the Lenox Hotel. Founded as the Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance of Greater Boston (LGPAGB) in 1982, the Lesbian,…
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