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Three rows of women from the Boston Women's Community Radio arranged in a portrait, smiling.

Tim McFeely holds up a photograph while speaking into a megaphone in a photo gallery.

Jack Rubin speaks into a microphone at during a meeting of the Gay Business Association with other members looking on.

The nametag-wearing audience at a Gay Business Association event in a bar with a white elephant on the wall.

Abe Rybeck smiling with his arm around a man wearing a sweater dress and hat that reads "Like a Virgin."

The Batucada Belles, founded in 1982, are an all-women percussion troupe that has performed the Brazilian-inspired batucada samba in the Boston Pride march, the Walk for Hunger, the AIDS Walk, and other social justice rallies in the Greater Boston…

Cablevision of Boston General Manager, Henry J. Ferris, Jr., presents checks totaling $1,665 to AIDS Action Committee Director, Larry Kessler (on left). The proceeds came from Bravo’s “Unfinished Stories” telethon and from the “Clash of the Legends”…

Tom Barstow, Co-Director of Gay Vote '80, addressing a large audience from a podium under a banner: "Lesbian and Gay Caucus".

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Two police officers stare blankly at the camera, wearing full uniform.

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Seven of the plaintiffs in a case against the San Francisco police, posing for the camera on some steps, looking grim. Some of the 25 plaintiffs who are suing the San Francisco police dept. for beatings on Casino Street, October 6, 1989

Adrienne Hawkins and other women of Impulse Dance Co.

Four women dancers wearing diverse costumes dance on a black stage with one hand percussionist behind them.

De Anna Battle, Kathleen Wells, and La Phillip on stage with various percussion instruments.

On verso: Adult Children of Heterosexuals performs their unique brand of high camp, raucous cabaret at Nightstage in Cambridge on July 6 at 8pm. Band members (l to r) Scott Madden, Felice Shays, Lynn Brown, and (bottom) Abe Rybeck will croon to make…

Pure Polyesther is a hilarious and subversive retelling of the Old Testament story of Esther. The Theater Offensive's purimspiel mixes slapstick, klezmer, cross-dressing, outrageous scenery-chewing, and queer coupling with an earnest message about…

Left to Right: Richard Brown, Richard Chamberlin, Donna McKay-Raudozzi, Don Gorton, Carrie Wofford, Arline Isaacson, Andrew Held, Jeff Martin (standing), David LaFontaine. Received an award on Saturday, Jan. 20. The award was given by Rainbow…

The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus is one of New England’s largest and most successful community-based choruses. From 1985 to 1997, the BGMC was under the direction of Robert Barney, who now holds the title of Conductor Laureate. In this photograph, the…

Am Tikva members seated at tables for Passover Seder at the Brookline Jewish Community Center. The congregation Am Tikva – People of Hope – has been serving the Greater Boston community since 1976, creating an open and welcoming environment where…

In 1989, founding Artistic Director Abe Rybeck and a group of artist/activists formed The Theater Offensive to expand on the success of the gay men's guerrilla theater troupe, United Fruit Company. The Theater Offensive mounts and produces festivals…

The founders of the group Daughters of Bilitis, Del Martin and Phyllis Lyons, at a gathering in Boston.

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyons, founders of the national lesbian group Daughters of Bilitis, sitting on a couch chatting with some other women in Boston.

Large reception of AIDS Action Committee with cookies and coffee.

Larry Kessler and an unidentified man chatting at AIDS Action Committee reception.

Am Tikva members seated at tables for Passover Seder at the Brookline Jewish Community Center.


Robert Barney conducting the Boston Gay Men's Chorus.

Side view of Boston Gay Men's Chorus during a concert with piano player in the foreground.

A small group of singers from the Boston Gay Men's Chorus, singing during a concert.

Boston Gay Men's Chorus singers in a concert from the side with reflection in piano.

A section of the Boston Gay Men's Chorus singing, wearing khakis and polo shirts, under a sign for the Boston Gay Men's Chorus.

A panel of people at a press conference, all of whom are making interesting faces. Press conference called by Boston Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance with Massachusetts Gay Political Caucus and Boston's Wards Democratic Committee.

Del Martin and Phyllis Lyons, founders of the lesbian group Daughters of Bilitis, sitting on a couch chatting with some women.

Girth and Mirth steering committee, Left to Right: Louis St. Aupin, Bob Yolte, Lenny Federico, Neil Byrnes, Dave Barnes, Reed Wilgoren, Conrad.

Members of Girth and Mirth standing and sitting while chatting over drinks and snacks near a buffet table.

Benjamin Thompson, senior advisor on equal rights for the city of Boston, Human Rights Commission

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Woman speaking in front of a banner for the Boston Women's Fund.

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Woman speaking in front of a banner for the Boston Women's Fund.

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"Sophie Pann with Jamaica Plain resident Nancy Hughes stars of Michelle Gabow's newest play Knock, Knock, an amazing journey through dreams, laughter, loss, grieving & magic."

View looking down at from above on Dignity Boston members marching in Gay Pride March.

A group of men standing in a row, holding beers and wearing winter clothes inside, while smiling at the camera at the Boston Gay Men's Center.

Judith Casselberry plays the guitar and sings into a microphone while Jaque Dupree sings next to her.

Members of the Boston Gay Men's Chorus perform in front of an audience while wearing interesting sweaters.

Canadian Vice-Consul Francois La Rochelle and Jearald Moldenhauer of Glad Day Bookshop Boston/Toronto.

The ruined entrance and stairway leading up to the Gay Community News office after a fire.

This is a promotional photograph for the lesbian performance group Split Britches in their original play "Upwardly Mobile Home." From left to right are founding members Lois Weaver, Peggy Shaw, and Deborah Margolin. Split Britches performed at the…
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