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Jenifer Firestone, Paul Hardit, Helena Snow, and James Humphrey pose for a production of the "Ten Percent Revue" called "Walk on Washington." The four actors hold signs reading: "Celebrate Sodomy," "Take Apartheid Apart," Foster Equality," and "$$$…

In 1989, founding Artistic Director Abe Rybeck and a group of artist/activists formed The Theater Offensive to expand on the success of the gay men's guerrilla theater troupe, United Fruit Company. The Theater Offensive mounts and produces festivals…

Abe Rybeck and two other actors from the Theater Offensive posing in costume.

The cast of a Triangle Theater production of "Boys in the Band" standing in two rows by height, staring at the camera without smiling. The Triangle Theater Company was founded in 1979 by David M. Hough. Named for the pink triangles used to mark gay…

This is a promotional photograph for the lesbian performance group Split Britches in their original play "Upwardly Mobile Home." From left to right are founding members Lois Weaver, Peggy Shaw, and Deborah Margolin. Split Britches performed at the…

The Mood Swings was an improvisational theater groups dealing with the issues of lesbians recovering from alcoholism. Karen, Liz, Cheryl Qamar, and Alice of the Mood Swings sitting in chairs and posing with difference expressions.
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