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In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on November 27, 1988, host Peter Stickel interviews Johanne Blank and David Brillhart about "The Group." The Group is a social and discussion group that is open to anyone in the LGBTQ community.…

In this photograph, a man stands at a podium on a little stage during an auction for the Boston Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance at the Lenox Hotel. Founded as the Lesbian and Gay Political Alliance of Greater Boston (LGPAGB) in 1982, the Lesbian,…

Demonstrators from the Boston Area Gay Schoolworkers standing under a balcony on which a cameraman can be seen filming.

The Chiltern Mountain Club, New England's oldest LGBT outing club, was founded in 1978 by Sturgis Haskins. This photograph shows group a of men walking in the Blue Hills, during the Chiltern Mountain Club's first annual Hike for Life- To Fight Aids.…
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