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Carisa and Mark - Carisa Cunningham.jpeg
Where was this made or acquired?Javits Center, New York CityStoryMy friend Mark Aurigemma and I both worked at Gay Men's Health Crisis during the height of the AIDS epidemic. This picture was taken at a dance-a-thon fundraiser, where I apparently was…

Alice Wolf addressing The Cambridge Lavender Alliance Brunch at City Hall June 8, 1991

Am Tikva members seated at tables for Passover Seder at the Brookline Jewish Community Center.


Am Tikva members seated at tables for Passover Seder at the Brookline Jewish Community Center. The congregation Am Tikva – People of Hope – has been serving the Greater Boston community since 1976, creating an open and welcoming environment where… sucks -- 097.jpg
The popular singer, a former Miss Oklahoma and spokesperson for the Florida citrus industry, Anita Bryant became the face of homophobia in 1977 when she campaigned to repeal a Dade County ordinance that prohibited discrimination on the basis of…

Photo used in the Alyson Publications book We Can Always Call Them Bulgarians: The Emergence of Lesbians and Gay Men on the American Stage, by Kaier Curtin.

1972 Mass. Mental discrimination docts. - John Kyper.pdf
Who made this?John KyperWhere was it made or acquired?BostonStoryIn November 1972 I was refused employment as an aide at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, located on Fenwood Road near Brigham Circle, by a nursing supervisor who told me that my…

THP-0074-1-4-23 not uploaded.tif
This document is a copy of the form that Charles filled out to reserve the sanctuary of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church (Cambridge MA) for Gordon's memorial service on December 8, 1995. Charles wrote that he anticipated 50-75 people to attend, and…

De Anna Battle dancing with percussionists in background.

Four women dancers wearing diverse costumes dance on a black stage with one hand percussionist behind them.

Attendee holds a sign that reads "IF YOU COME OUT YOU CAN'T BE FOUND OUT" during Boston's first Pride March on June 26, 1971.

Attendees outside the Massachusetts State House hold a sign that reads "FEMALE LIBERATION" during Boston's first Pride March on June 26, 1971. Another sign reads "REPEAL ALL ANTI-GAY LAWS Socialist Workers Party."

AWP opening panel: Kim Shire, Oliva Espin, Judy Chamberlain, Loraine Obler, Frances Doughty, Edith Stein

"Students of Ballet, (advanced, Pointe class) shown here, under the direction of instructor, Terry Shields. These students are in The Morning Intensive Program for Dancers in Training at The Joy of Movement Center. These advanced students are now…

A man twirls a baton and marches in the 1985 Pride Parade in front of a banner for the Lesbian and Gay Freedom Trail Band.

Dignity/Boston was formed in the first waves of the Gay Liberation movement that followed the Stonewall Riots, and has been providing a home for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) Catholics, their friends and supporters since 1972.…

Barbara Smith, Publisher, Kitchen Table Women of Color Press, speaks at a podium.

Large group of women wearing Batucada Bells t-shirts in a parade carrying bells and drums.

Marauder Kick off 2-28-04 (29) - Scott Erickson.jpg
Who made this? Tom Beauchamp-Arnold (member of the club) Where was it made or acquired? Boston Ramrod 1254 Boylston Street, Boston MA Story This picture is of the 1st Anniversary celebration held at the Boston Ramrod. This…

Marauders Sweet Sixteen on stage - Scott Erickson.jpg
Where was it made or acquired? The Crown & Anchor Provincetown, Massachusetts Story In March of 2019 the Bay State Marauders celebrated their 16th Anniversary in Provincetown, Massachusetts. This was a 3 day event with 80 people in…

I'll admit, nightlife in the 80s for a T girl was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. Gone was the strict binary sexuality of the disco era yet leftover was their repurposed venues. In Boston these became inhabited by…

Page and I were like matching bookends. We both had rebelous platinum blonde hair, slender figures, and were fond of black outfits & light foundation to contrast our heavyily winged eyes & painted lips. Difference was Page had a fashion model's…

Benjamin Thompson, senior advisor on equal rights for the city of Boston, Human Rights Commission

Billy Callum Gay Pride NYC-2.jpg
Billy died at age 35 yrs. in 1985 in Boston. In this photo he is 20 years of age (1970) at his first Gay Pride Parade in NYC. He was an aspiring actor going to the Circle in the Square acting school. Billy died of AIDS in Boston on October 3, 1985. …

This is Gordon's birth certificate. He was born on June 17, 1931 in Providence RI. His father, also named Gordon, was born in Chatham, England, and his mother, Marie Thomas, was born in Syracuse, New York.

THP-0074-1-6-27 not uploaded.tif
Birthday card from Allan to Gordon, apologizing for it being a couple days late, dated June 20, 1974.

Black and White Men Together banner over a group of men carrying signs and marching down a street.

This small, square, black and white Kodak Velox with scalloped edges appears to be of a living space (lamp, table, candles, vase, record player and vinyl records) with a painted portrait of a man posed in a chair, looking back over his shoulder at…
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