Robert John Quinn's Memorial Books


Robert John Quinn's Memorial Books




This collection was originally titled the Robert John Quinn AIDS Memorial Books, by the compiler Robert John Quinn. As The History Project began digitizing the obituaries, we realized Robert John Quinn's methodology in collecting the obituaries was unknown, nor could it be verified. We have tried several times to locate Robert John Quinn, but have been unsuccessful in our efforts.

Many of the obituaries and memorials in this collection of scrapbooks specify that individuals died of AIDS or AIDS-related illnesses. However, there are obituaries included in these scrapbooks for victims of hate crimes, of individuals who died of other illnesses or accidents, and some obituaries where the cause of death is not included. Sexual orientation, gender identity, and HIV/AIDS status, if not clearly stated, should not be assumed or implied of anyone in this collection.

In order to maintain this collection in its entirety as Robert John Quinn had intended, and to honor all of the individuals included, we have changed the name to Robert John Quinn's Memorial Books.

If for any reason you find an obituary that you wish to have removed from this digital collection, please contact The History Project at with the person's name and reason for removal. 

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Quinn, Robert John


Papadopoulos, Cole; Holden, William


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