John Quinn's Memorial Book, Volume D


John Quinn's Memorial Book, Volume D


This is the digitized fourth volume, or binder, of John Quinn's Memorial Books. This volume largely includes obituaries of individuals with a last name that starts with the letter "D."

See the index at the end of the PDF file to search for specific names. 

About this collection: Many of the obituaries and memorials in this collection of scrapbooks specify that individuals died of AIDS or AIDS-related illnesses. However, there are obituaries included in these scrapbooks for victims of hate crimes, of individuals who died of other illnesses or accidents, and some obituaries where the cause of death is not included. Sexual orientation, gender identity, and HIV/AIDS status, if not clearly stated, should not be assumed or implied of anyone in this collection. 

If for any reason you find an obituary that you wish to have removed from this digital collection, please contact The History Project at with the person's name and reason for removal. 

The digitization and preservation of John Quinn's Memorial Books was made possible, in part, by a grant from Mass Humanities.


Quinn, Robert John


Dabis, Bernabe, Jr.; Dabl, Larry D.; Dagostino, Michael F.; Dahl, Jeffrey L.; Dahlgren, George, Jr.; Dahringer, Paul; Daigle, Angela; Daigre, Jean F.; Dalby, Russel E.; Dale; D'Alessio, Carlos; Daley, Peter J., III; Daley, Thomas P.; Dalgre, Jean Francis; Dallinger, Jeffrey; Dalton, Richard E.; D'Amaro, Todd; Damas, Seferino; D'Amato, Larry; D'Amico, John; Damlos, Jack; Dandridge, Douglass B.; Daney, Serge; Dangefield, Yves; D'Angelo, Lawrence A.; D'Angelo, Mark; Daniel, Arthur; Daniel; Daniels, David; Daniels, Kaipo; Danisi, Laurence; D'Anjou, James D.; Dannemiller, Theresa; Dante, Nichols; Danziger, Irene K.; Dapolito, Mark; D'Apply, Robert; Dare, Kenneth Rucker; Darfler, Timothy; Dargo, Robert John; Darrow, William B.; Das, Teddy Kali; DaSilva, Ariel; Dash, Michacel; Dashiell, David; Dattilo, Walter; Daubendick, Michael L.; Dougherty, W.B. Dub; Davenport, David; Davenport, Richard B.; David, George; David, Gideon; David, Kalyn; Davidson, Craig J.; Davidson, Evelyn; Davidson, Gary M.; Davidson, Howard Kent; Davidson, Jeffrey L.; Davidson, Ronald James; Davidson, Stuart John; Davies, Tyrouda; Davies, Stephen; Davila, John Louis; Davis, Abraham, Jr.; Davis, Alvie C.; Davis, Andrew Elzie; Davis, Brad; Davis, Byron R.; Davis, Craig Robert; Davis, Dennis W.; Davis, Donald Jerome; Davis, Dwight Douglass; Davis, Francis; Davis, Frank F.; Davis, Gary R.; Davis, Howard; Davis, Jerome J.; Davis, John R.; Davis, Mark A.; Davis, Michael Davis; Davis, Michael L.; Davis, Robert; Davis, Rudy G. Wade; Davis, Troy; Davis, Will Sanford; Davison, Nancy J.; Davison, Joseph L.; Davol, Mark C.; Dawson, Jack B.; Dawson, Garry; Dawson, Kenneth L.; Dawson, Randy; Day, Noel; Day, Maurice WM E.; Day, Ronald; DeAcutis, Wiliam; Deal, Dana; Dealey, George; Dean, Kenneth Edward; Dean, Patrick; Dean, Robert C.; Deans, David N.; Deare, Vance; Deaver, Dean; DeBini, Derrick; DeBlasio, Chris; Decatur, Douglas; Decker, Bruce; Decker, David D.; Decker, Lane; Decola, Robert; DeCristoford, John F.; Dedrick, Jonathan F., Jr.; Deduve, Pascal; Deeth, Denis; Defabees, Richard; Defacio, Steven L.; Degartano, Robert F.; DeGenova, Vincent L.; DeGollado, José Beninto; Degrazia, Frederic; DeGuire, Ronald; Deguzis, Mark W., Jr.; Dehner, Butch; Dekin, Bonnie; Delacruz, Iris; Delauder, Doug; Deldo, Thomas Gerald; Deleecuw, Randell; Delgado, Alberto; Delgado, Patricia C.; Deloath, Gary; Delolo, Jessica Marie; DeLong, Eileen; Delph, John; Delponte, Joseph G.; Deltondo, Mark A.; Deluca, Carl W.; Demattia, Thomas M.; Dembo, Robert K.; Dembowski, Edward J., Jr.; Dembowski, Richard; Demetrious, Demetis; Demuth, Jame R.; Denatale, Victor; Denis, Stephen; Denlea, Martyn Titus; Denman, Everett; Denmark, Ron; Dennie, Frank; Dennis, David; Dennis, Nina; Dennis, Walt; Denny, Joe; Dent, David A.; Dent, John Joseph; Depaolis, Joseph A.; Depina, Joseph M.; Derbyshire, Richard Bruce; Derryberry, Roy; Dervishian, Leo; DeSalvo, Frank; Desana, Jimmy; Desipio, George, Jr.; Desjardin, Timothy J.; Desmond, William A.; Despies, Eric Cossart; Dessan, Jane P.; Destephano, Mark; Detrick, David; Detucci, Raymond C.; Deuterman, Gerry; Devega, José; Van Deventer, Rick Bradley; Deveny, Christopher G.; Deveraux, David, Deveraux, Michael; Devlin, William B.; Devries, Stephen James; Dewees, Bill; Dewhurst, Colleen; Dewitt, Steven; Dewoody, George; Dewtie, Wally Michael; Dexter, Steven Bradley; DeYoung, Margaret; Difray, Max; Diamond, Patrick J., Jr.; Dias, Patrick J.; Diaz, Ariel; Diaz, José Antonio Frangui; Dicamillo, Mario P.; Dicesare, Charles P.; Dick, Jay Gordon; Dickerson, Kevin; Dickerson, Neal; Dicky, William; Dickinson, Bruce F.; Dickinson, Douglass; Dickinson, Gary; Dickinson, Kenneth; Dickinson, Kenneth Wythe; Dickinson, Roger; Dickson, Bob; Dickson, Donnie; Dickson, Ronald D.; Dickson, Stephen; Dietrick, Bob; Dietz, Lucinda; Difiglia, Michael; Diggins, Eileen; Diggs, Wm. Bobby; DiJinio, Louis; Dillion, John; Dillion, Michael C.; Dillion, Shawn Oliver; Dilworth, George; DiMaggio, Joseph; Mimicelli, John Maurice; D'Motto, James; Dinapoli, Nicholas; Dinardi, Richard; Dipietrantonio, Mario C.; Dirks, Leslie Alan; Dirsa, Robert D.; Disabato, Joseph P.; Disalvo, Jamie R.; Dishough, Robert L.; Disler, Donald; Disrud, James; Distefano, John L.; Dittman, Doug; Dittman, Ron W.; Divers, Skip; Devine, T. Neil; Dixon, Cje; Dixon, Jim; Dixon, John Riley; Dixon, Kenneth Robert; Dixon, Melvin; D'Lugin, Victor F.; DLugos, Tim; Doane, David Michael; Dobbie, Ted E.; Dobbs, Fred Earl; Dobert, Daryl Evan; Dobson, David Victor; Dobson, Jesse; Doby, James Rodney; Docker, Hugh N.; Dodd, John P.; Dodson, David Edward; Dodson, Mark Daniel; Doeland, Gary Leese; Doering, David; Doerr, Michael; Doherty, James G.; Doherty, Brian P.; Doino, Robert Martin; Dolinsky, James E.; Dombrowski, Dennis M.; Dominguez, Fidel; Doms, William F.; Donahue, Edward; Donahue, Timothy Lee; Donaldson, Stephen; Donenfeld, Phil, Donn, Jorge; Donnelly, Richard; Donner, Robert; Donoghue, William B.; Donohue, Thomas J.; Donovan, Robert James; Donovan, Timothy; Dopp, Roger Samuel; Dopuch, Mark R.; Doran, Sarah Harris; Dorey, James E.; Dorian, Carolyn; Dorian, Gregory; Dorion, Paul R.; Dorlan, Gregory; Dormido, Reuben; Dorr, Herbert L.; Dorr, John; Dorrain, Kevin G.; Dorsey, Anthony; Dorsey, John Eric; Dort, Bobby; Dougherty, Paul M.; Douglas, Barry; Douglas, Paul Harding; Douglas, Scott; Douglas, William; Douglass, James R.; Douglass, C. Scott; Douglass, Kevin S.; Douglass, Mark W.; Doukas, Harris N.; Doucet, Cheryl; Doutt, Jeffrey; Dove, Ulysses; Doverspike, Edward Earl; Dow, Heather Wade; Dowaliby, James J.; Dowd, Gary; Dowdy, John P.; Dowell, Dwight Alan; Dower, Michael; Dowling, William A.; Downey, Anthony Patrick; Downey, Richard, Jr.; Downie, Allen D.; Downie, Charles H.; Doyle, John S.; Doyle, Mark F.; Doyle, Ron; Doyle, Tom; Doyle, William J.; Dragon, Daniel; Draheim, Steven W.; Drake, John W.; Drake, Joseph L.; Drake, Wayne P.; Draper, Duane; Drescher, Jeff; Dresner, Bruce; Dressel, Jim; Driskell, David; Drucker, Herbert Esa; Drulias, Deno; Dryden, Dan; Dryden, Richard; Duane, William H.; Duball, Jim; Dubie, Robert C.; Dubois, Daniella V.; Dubois, Paul; Dubois, Robert; Ducharme, Richard Lind; Dudek, Thomas; Dudley, Donald; Dudley, George W.; Dudley, Jerome Kent; Dudley, Novella; Duel, Terry R.; Duerr, Michael; Duff, Richard; Duffrey, Edward J.; Duffy, John Paul; Duggan, Scott; Dugger, Duane; Dugish, James; Duke, Edwark; Duke, Peter W.; Dukeshire, Kenneth M.; Duley, Jeffry T.; Dumas, Louis A.; Dunbar, Brian J.; Duncan, Jeff; Duncan, John; Duncan, Roger Frederick; Duncan, Ronald L.; Dunitz, Mark; Dunkle, William K.; Dunlap, Harvey Sidney; Dunlap, Randolph A.; Dunn, Charles; Dunn, James H.; Dunn, Paul; Dunne, Richard; Dunnigan, Ken; Duperre, Joseph A.; Dupont, Nicholas; Dupuis, Daniel James; Duran, Michael; Durand, Paul H.; Durant, Ira A.; Durbano, Joseph Michael; Durvin, William C.; Dutka, Richard S.; Dutra, William Jerome, Jr.; Duval, Arthur Roland; Duval, Gaetan; Duval, Justin William Russel, III; Dwyer, Ronald; Dyer, David; Dytor, Thomas S.; Dykes, Earl; Dykes, Don; Dykstra, Robert D.; Dzubak, John C.; Davis, Kenneth H.; Dillard, Michael Ray; Doty, Edward; Obituaries; AIDS (Disease); Scrapbooks; Gay community; Lesbians; Gay men; Bisexuals; Transgender people


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