Robert John Quinn's Memorial Books, Volume C


Robert John Quinn's Memorial Books, Volume C


This is the digitized third volume, or binder, of Robert John Quinn's Memorial Books. This volume largely includes obituaries of individuals with a last name that starts with the letter "C."

See the index at the end of the PDF file to search for specific names. 

About this collection: Many of the obituaries and memorials in this collection of scrapbooks specify that individuals died of AIDS or AIDS-related illnesses. However, there are obituaries included in these scrapbooks for victims of hate crimes, of individuals who died of other illnesses or accidents, and some obituaries where the cause of death is not included. Sexual orientation, gender identity, and HIV/AIDS status, if not clearly stated, should not be assumed or implied of anyone in this collection. 

If for any reason you find an obituary that you wish to have removed from this digital collection, please contact The History Project at with the person's name and reason for removal. 

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Quinn, Robert John


Caban, John; Cabana, B.J.; Cabanatan, Jon; Cabils, Debbie; Cabral, Oscar A.; Cadarette, Norman; Cadigan, Michael P.; Cadmus, Bob; Cadwell, Frank; Cady, Stephen T.; Cady, Thomas P.; Cafiero, Vincent J.; Caggiano, Kevin; Cahalane, Richard P.; Cain, Peter; Calabrese, Albert J.; Calcote, Dean Anthony; Calder, Daniel; Calder, Daniel G.; Caldwell, Chester; Caldwell, M. John; Caldwell, William Peter; Calegari, Kevin; Calhoun, John R.; Calia, Brian A.; Calkins, Michael; Callahan, Brian T.; Callahan, James L.; Callahan, Joseph W., III; Callahan, Steve; Callan, Scott W.; Callas, Timothy C.; Callaway, Robert; Callejas, Jose V.; Callen, Michael; Callen, Michael; Calloway, Anthony; Calsada, David; Campanella, John; Campbell, Blaine; Campbell, Brian C.; Campbell, Jack; Campbell, James S.; Campbell, Phil C.; Campbell, Riley L.; Campbell, Robert Duncan; Campbell, Stephen A.; Campbell, Timothy M.; Campbell, Tom; Campo, Michael J.; Canada, John M.; Cancellier, James Robert; Candelaria, Ron; Cane, Garrett; Cane, Michael; Canfield, Michael L.; Cangelosi, Frank D.; Cannizzaro, Joseph P.; Cannity, Thomas E.; Cannon, Gery Oliver; Cannon, Spencer Joe; Cannon, Stephen Patrick; Cannon, Tremaine; Cantrell, David; Caplan, Eric S.; Caporaletti, Tony; Cappello, John A., Jr.; Caprow, Martin; Captanian, Alex; Caputo, Joseph P.; Caputo, Steven Anthony; Carabineris, John H.; Carangi, Gia; Carde, Hank; Carden, David; Cardozo, Joseph C.; Carey, Thomas P., Jr.; Carey, Thomas Roy; Carhart, James Paul; Carl, Douglas; Carl, Greg W.; Carlisle, Gregory; Carlough, Thomas G.; Carlson, Jack (John) Louis; Carlson, Kent; Carlson, James L. Byrd; Carlson, Philip; Carlson, Terry; Carlsson, Ebbe; Carmen, Arlene; Carmen, Michael J.; Carmichael, Dan; Carmignary, Mario; Carmody, Christopher; Carneal, Brian; Carney, Michael E.; Carper, Matt; Carper, Richard; Carpenter, Chuck; Carpenter, Eric S.; Carples, Philip L.; Carples, Jeffrey L.; Caron, Christopher Roland; Carr, Buz; Carr, Douglas G.; Carr, Stanley; Paez-Carrillo, Eduardo; Carrithers, James B.; Carro, Paul R.; Carroll, Brian; Carroll, Barney, Jr.; Carroll, David; Carroll, E. Lewis; Carson, John J.; Carson, Kerry A.; Carson, Mark; Carter, Hal; Carter, Ivan L.; Carter, John Anthony; Carter, Michael; Carter, Nicholas; Carter, Robert W.; Carter, Simon A.J.; Carter, Thomas; Carter, Thomas R.; Carter, William; Cartwright, Timothy Dale; Caruyso, Stephen V.; Carvalho, Arthur, Jr.; Carvalho, Todd R.; Carver, Bryce Dean; Casakos, Dean S.; Casciato, John Paul; Case, Bob; Casetta, Robert Joseph; Casey, Brian J.; Casey, James H.; Casey, James Michael; Casey, Robert H.; Cash, Dennis S.; Caskie, Steven D.; Cass, Robert; Cassellas, Jose A.C.; Cassiani, Dante; Cassidy, Tom; Castagna, David Alan; Castellani, John A.; Castiglione, Anthony; Castillo, James Rafael; Castleman, Bud; Castro, Clemente M.; Castro, Fred; Caswell, Johnny Lee; Catalano, Donald; Catalano, Everitt A.; Catalini, William P., Jr.; Catano, Bob; Catching, Alexander B.; Cates, Jeff B.; Cates, Steve; Catiria, Lady; Catney, David; Cato, Leonard; Cattano, Steven Paul; Caturano, John V.; Cavaco, David, Jr.; Cavazos, Efrem; Cavdill, William; Cavalieri, Steven G.; Cavenaugh, Kenny; Cavenaugh, Robert P.; Caviano, Robert; Lopez Cepero, Luis; Ceriale, Gregory Allen; Cerny, Frank; Cervi, Rob; Cesario, Angelo; Cey, Richmond Michael; Chaberlnaud, Leance M.; Chadman, Christopher; Chafin, William F.; Chaiken, Stephen J.; Chalk, Vincent; Challas, George; Challender, Stuart; Chamberlin, Brian L.; Chamberlin, C. Rick; Chamberlin, Warren; Chambers, Ducayne; Chambers, Robert M.; Champa, Rick M.; Chan, J.J.; Chandler, Jonathan B.; Chapin, Elbert Allan; Chapman, Brian T.; Chapnick, Michael Jay; Charbonneau, Bruce Justin; Charles, Curt T., Sr.; Charlson, David L.; Charon, Fred; Chartier, Roxanne E.; Chartiers, Michael J.; Chase, Philip R.; Chase, Robert S.; Chastain, Lee Edward; Soto Chaves, Miguel A.; Chavez, Cesar; Chavez, Curt A.; Chedister, Marck R.; Check, Randy; Cheesebrew, Ken; Cheezie, Sidney M.; Cheinstein, Julian J.; Chelini, Bruce; Chella, Ralph J.; Cheney, Audrea T.C.; Chenitz, Carole Manley; Chermack, Robert Emmet; Cheary, Al; Chervenok, Michael; Chesley, Robert; Chevrier, Henry; Chew, Ailexis Gregory; Chew, Paddy; Chewing, David; Chi, David; Chiavo, Lawrence J.; Chicoine, Jeffrey B.; Chidester, John Marshall; Chigos, Greg; Chigos, Nicholas D., III; Childs, Anthony Thomas; Chilton, Robert T.; Chimusoro, Auxilia; Ching, Willard; Blanco Chirino, Jose; Chisholm, Donald J.; Chittle, Mark Douglas; Chitwood, Tim; Chiuses, John M.; Choca, Jose I.; Choquette, William J.; Chow, Bettina L.; Chow, Tina; Christain, Robert Lewis; Christenson, Charles; Christenson, Robert; Christi, Panos; Christianson, Michael; Christmas, Nathaniel Tyree; Christopher, Dale; Christopher, Ron; Christopher, Keith; Chua, Siong Heat; Chugg, Lorin Kerry; Chung, Jeffery Lee; Church, John F.; Church, Sandie; Ciaburri, Edward Michael; Cianci, Richard; Cianciolo, Richard J.; Cicone, Michael; Cierpial, Kenneth E.; Cissna, Scott Alan; Ciston, Robert, Jr.; Citron, Kenneth M.; Civittolo, Joseph A.; Claiborne, Otis; Clafferty, Margaret; Clancey, Daniel P.; Clare, Gary; Clark, Clinton John; Clark, James Anthony; Clark, James B.; Clark, James T.; Clark, Joey Layne; Clark, Kevin R.; Clark, Michael E.; Clark, Ossie; Clark, Peter D.; Clark, Randy; Clark, Raymond L., Jr.; Clark, Robert; Clark, Stephen Paul; Clark, Thomas, Jr.; Clark, Tom; Clarke, John J., Jr.; Clarke, Michael A.; Clay, Donald L.; Clayton, David Irl; Clayton, Devon; Claytor, Charles Dean; Cleary, Eric D.; Clegg, T.C.; Clegg, Worth Warren; Cleland, Samuel C.; Clem, Michael Scott; Clemens, Donald; Clemens, Wayne; Clemens, William; Clemons, Emanuel P.; Clemons, Reginald Wayne; Cleveland, Jerome Douglas; Clewett, Kevin; Clifford, Karen Peers; St. Cloud, Gary; Cloutier, Paul W.; Clute, Stephen John; Cmolik, Tom


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