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List of personal property referred to in Gordon Copeland's Last Will and Testament, signed April 5, 1985
This 1-page document is a list of personal property referred to in Gordon Copeland's Last Will and Testament, April 5, 1985. The list refers to 6 items (jewelry, a watch, and a pitcher) to be inherited by Gordon's sister, children, grandchildren, and…

This newspaper clipping is most likely from a local newspaper, as it describes Charles as a "Fairfield High School graduate." It briefly notes that Charles (son of Mr and Mrs Mearl Shively at 2117 Tuley Rd) made the undergraduate Dean's List at…

This article is from the Sunday Echo, June 21, 1959. The paper appears to be based in Fairfield Ohio. The article announces Charles' graduation magna cum laude from Harvard University, having majored in American History. The article notes that…

THP-0074-1-4-10 not uploaded 1.19 poem i love you gordon written and typed drafts.tif
This item includes 2 pieces of paper: one, a draft of the poem typed on a typewriter with handwritten edits, and the second, a handwritten version of the poem (probably an earlier draft) on lined composition book paper. Both versions are dated 9 July…

This is what appears to be a memorial announcement for Charles Shively's father, Mearl Shively, The text gives the dates of birth and death (December 15 1915-January 28 1970), as well as his occupation and union membership (3rd Shift Welder, Dept.…

THP-0074-1-4-2 not uploaded as of 1.11.17.tif
This is the Memorial Service Program for Gordon William Copeland, Jr., Charles Shively's partner, on December 8, 1995, at the Old Cambridge Baptist Church. The front has a small black and white photograph of Gordon along with the dates of his birth…

This legal document is regarding the sale of a property in Cambridge by Timothy and Evelyn Kelleher to Charles Shively, for $16,000 to be paid over 10 years with 9% interest.

THP-0074-1-4-16 prob 1960.tif
This scan is of a xerox of a newspaper clipping that describes "a blaze at on the top floor at 135 Commonwealth Ave" in which "Gordon W. Copeland," (Charles' partner) "34, an occupant... was taken to City Hospital after being overcome by smoke. He…

This newspaper clipping is an obituary for Florence L. Shively, the mother of Charles Shively. She had died on Monday September 16, 1996, so this clipping is probably not long after that.
It was probably run in a local paper, as the article on the…

Color photograph of a dog.

This is a sepia-tone photograph of Gordon Copeland in a bar, later in life. He is wearing a swater with his name monogrammed onto the right breast. This is the photograph that Charles selected for Gordon's memorial service.

This black and white Kodak Velox Paper candid photograph features five young white men with their arms around each other, facing the camera and smiling, standing on a sidewalk. Some of them are in jackets and ties, others more casually dressed. The…

In this sepia-tone portrait photograph, Charles Shively in his childhood or adolescence and is wearing a button-up collar shirt with an irregular geometric pattern.

This sepia-tone portrait photograph (headshot) is signed "Charles Allen Shively" with the date "[illegible] 1950." If this photograph is from 1950, Charles is 12 or 13 years old. He is wearing a white collar shirt. Blue ink from his signature has…

In this portrait photo, Charles Shively as a child is wearing a white button-up shirt. The photograph may have been black and white with color added. It features his head and shoulders.

In this portrait photograph, Charles seems to be in his early teens. His shirt has a pale collar, back, and chest, with dark shoulders. He has a slight smile. The photograph may have been in black and white with color added.

This is a photocopy of a portrait photograph of Charles' partner, Gordon Copeland, at age 18 months (as noted on the back). He is standing beside a woman in a dress with lace on the shoulders. She may be Gordon's mother (Marie Thompson Copeland), or…

THP-0074-1-6-31 not uploaded.tif
In this Valentine's Day card, Allan writes "Gordon, I hope we're still good friends. Let the past be the past, life isn't long enough. Only think of the future. Love, Allan." The greeting card's pre-printed message reads "Valentine, you are... the…

THP-0074-1-6-29 not uploaded.tif
Allan writes to Gordon from Spain - he didn't like Morocco, but he loves Spain, and he toured a champagne distillery. Dated October 18, 1974.

This scan is actually of a xeroxed copy of a postcard saved in Charles' files. On the same sheet of xerox paper was also a studio portrait of Charles' partner, Gordon Copeland, at age 18 months, taken in 1932 in England (close to Gordon's father's…

THP-0074-1-4-25 not uploaded.tif
This packet contains a letter from the Cambridge Hospital Patient Accounts Department, addressed to Charles Shively's partner Gordon Copeland, stating that his Free Care status had been denied due to lack of income verification. The letter encloses…

This Kodak photo is a retouched, enlarged re-print of the original Polaroid of Gordon and his dog, featured in this archive. The back of the photo has a label that reads "Photo Retouched By Take Two Photocraft, 202 Mass. Avenue, Arlington, MA 02174."

This undated document is a handwritten tally of someone's personal estate ($146,188.78) and real estate ($45,000). There is no name on the document. It was filed in a folder of Gordon Copeland's documents.

A small Kodak photograph of what seems to be the Shively coat of arms.

This tiny color print is a studio portrait of a smiling very young-looking white man in a Navy uniform. On the back is a handwritten inscription "To Gordon, with great love, Allan, '1973.'" This photo was stored along with a handwritten note on scrap…

THP-0074-1-6-35 not uploaded.tif
Sympathy card from Lou Costa in Billerica to Gordon Copeland, November 2, 1990

THP-0074-1-6-30 not uploaded.tif
Valentine's Day card from Allan Searcy to Gordon Copeland, not dated. "To Gordon, my sweetest Valentine :) "

Color Kodak print.
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