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From this inaugural issue of Gay Community News (known at that time as the Gay Community Newsletter): There has been a long-standing need in the Boston gay community for improved communication between the various gay organizations and the gay…

From this issue of Gay Community News: This will be the last issue of GCN that will have the appearance of a PTA bulletin. To give you a more concise professional paper, next week we will be switching to offset printing. The paper will be then…

Leading this issue of Gay Community News is a story about efforts to support, financially and otherwise, the Charles Street Universalist Meetinghouse which, according to an article in this issue, "is best known to the gay community as the closest…

Leading this issue of Gay Community News is a story about a murder and assault of two patrons of the Other Side bar. Other stories include information about an auction to support the Charles Street Universalist Meetinghouse; a plea from Homophile…

Leading this issue of Gay Community News are stories about the growing number of reported assaults of GLBT community members. Other stories include discussions of gay community centers and the Charles Street Meetinghouse; information about "State…

Originally published in Gay Community News, this is an excerpt of an interview between John Ward, Founder of GLAD (GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders) and Cindy Stein

An article in Gay Community News written by Bill Damon about the first Fantasia Fair in Provincetown. Fantasia Fair, a week-long trans celebration held in Ptown started in 1975. Gay Community News reported on the first event, although terminology in…

A copy of John Kyper's article about the history of Boston's Gay Movement, published in 1980 by Gay Community News in volume 7, number 42, p. 10-11, 13.

Scanned clippings from Gay Community News, 1974, about New Words Bookstore.

New Words opened in April 1974 at 419 Washington Street in Somerville and then moved to 186 Hampshire Street in Cambridge in 1976.

Founded by Rita Arditti, Gilda…
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