THP Pride Shirt, 2016

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THP Pride Shirt, 2016


June 2016


Who made this?

The History Project

Where was it made or acquired?

Boston, MA


As the THP Pride marching group leader, I designed this t-shirt to highlight the lavender rhino (an early symbol of Pride with strong roots in Boston). I’ve been asked several times why the heart is on the rhino’s hindquarters, rather than on it’s chest as would be historically accurate, to which I say ‘it just looks better that way!’

History Project volunteers wore these shirts in Pride 2016. I chopped up my t-shirt at the time into a tank. The shirt pictured here remains whole because I gave it to my partner, who still wears it proudly but doesn’t share my taste in DIY fashion.

The two photos are from Pride 2016, one shows a group of THP volunteers holding signs, and the other is of me and my friend Andra Pham.


The History Project


Joan Ilacqua, Quincy, MA, @ilacquajoan (Twitter)


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