Coll. 018: David Peterson Collection


Coll. 018: David Peterson Collection




David Peterson came from a conservative family in Indiana. In 1965 Peterson came to the Boston area to attend MIT. One of the first organizations he became involved with was the Homophile Union of Boston (HUB). It was in those years he became friends with Laura McMurry (Daughters of Bilitis). In 1972 Peterson, along with McMurry and Harry Phillips started Boston's Gay Speakers Bureau (now known as Speakout Boston). In 1973 Peterson along with Charles Shively and John Mitzel founded the Gay Community News. In 1974, Peterson founded Gayline Greetings with friends, Mary Leno and Maggie Krebs. It was one of the first companies to produce and market non-sexist gay/lesbian oriented greeting cards. In 1979, Peterson started Iris Cards and stamps which continued to carry the Gayline greetings as well as developing the world's largest selection of lesbian and gay oriented art rubber stamps.

David Peterson due to his conservative background collected a lot of right-wing materials on homosexuality, including a rather extensive collection of materials on the Ted Haggard / Michael Jones scandal, in which he befriended Michael Jones and spent years corresponding with him.


David Peterson


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