Coll. 006: Boston Pride Collection


Coll. 006: Boston Pride Collection


The Boston Pride Collection consists of papers (some originals and some photocopies), photographs, and ephemera from 1970 to 2008 related to the Boston Pride March and Rally, as well as materials from various celebrations and events during Pride week. The bulk of the collection is news coverage surrounding Pride Week preparations, goals, controversies, and summaries.

The collection is arranged by year, and then by series. Most years contain folders for the following four series: Pride Week Guides, News Articles, Flyers/Pamphlets, and Images. Other series, which occur in certain years, are Pride Week Committee Papers (with folder titles stating the name of whichever committee was overseeing the Pride planning for that year), Speeches, Miscellaneous, Maps and Ephemera. The series entitled Pride Week Guides may contain itineraries, programs, or calendars describing Pride week events. Many of these folders also contain notes on Pride week events for that particular year. The News Articles series may contain newspaper articles (originals and/or photocopies), journal and magazine articles, and/or press releases. The Images series may contain original photographs, photocopies, or enlarged photocopied images from newspapers.

The History Project has original slides and photographs for the following years: 1973-1975, 1977-1980, 1986-1987, 1990-1991, and 1997. The Flyers/Pamphlets series contains flyers, pamphlets, bar or party cards, and religious service/interfaith service leaflets. The only Speeches series included at present is from 1970 and contains the original manuscript to a speech given at the Massachusetts State House by Laura McMurry.

Some years contain series folders for the committee that was overseeing the Parade for any given year. These folders may contain correspondence, notes, forms and photocopies of incorporation documents from the Secretary of State’s office. Also included are several 990 Federal Tax statements from some years.

There is a separate series for the Boston Dyke March, a separate march which has taken place 1994, and on the Friday before the Pride march.

The collection is arranged by year, with further arrangement by series. Every year contains a folder for Pride Week Guides and a folder for News Articles.


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