Coll. 044: AIDS Action Committee Collection


Coll. 044: AIDS Action Committee Collection


The collection consists of publications, promotional material for events, and other documents relating to AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts. The bulk of the collection consists of the publications, which include a pair of early newsletters from April and June of 1983, as well as the more official AAC Update newsletter from June of 1986 through the winter of 1992 (incomplete) and later editions from 2001 and 2003 through 2006 and 2009. There are also other miscellaneous publications from AAC, including issues of SST Express, Wellspring, Forward Living and the 2008 AAC annual report. There are also a variety of pamphlets and booklets published by AAC, some of which promote the organization itself. Many advocate safe sex and the use of condoms, oftentimes using graphic terminology.

The collection also contains material relating to the annual AIDS Walk Boston, beginning with pamphlets from the very first walk held in 1986. The material consists of pamphlets, booklets, flyers and newspaper clippings. There are also donation appeals from AAC, public service advertisements (many are photocopies) and newspaper articles about the organization.




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