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This Certified Copy of Birth Record is for Charles Shively. It notes his birth date on December 8, 1937, in Stonelick Twp., Clermont County, Ohio, to Florence Lillian Potrafke and Mearl Carlton Shively of Batavia Ohio. The certificate notes…

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Sympathy card from Lou Costa in Billerica to Gordon Copeland, November 2, 1990

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This letter, from Carol to “Dad Copeland,” is written in cursive with red ink, on stationery decorated with a hunting dog in the top left corner. It is likely that “Skip” is Gordon, and Carol is Skip’s wife, writing to her father-in-law. …

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This letter was filed in Gordon Copeland’s correspondence folder in the Charles Shively archives. Written by hand in cursive, with faded pencil, on yellowed stationary, it is addressed “Dear Skip,” and is not signed or dated. However the…

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In this letter, Allan gives his condolences about the death of a mutual friend or family member named Michael, and passes on a message to Judy and (another) Gordon ("I really feel bad and ... I wish them the best of luck"). He asks "How is everyone…

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In this Valentine's Day card, Allan writes "Gordon, I hope we're still good friends. Let the past be the past, life isn't long enough. Only think of the future. Love, Allan." The greeting card's pre-printed message reads "Valentine, you are... the…

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Valentine's Day card from Allan Searcy to Gordon Copeland, not dated. "To Gordon, my sweetest Valentine :) "

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Allan writes to Gordon from Spain - he didn't like Morocco, but he loves Spain, and he toured a champagne distillery. Dated October 18, 1974.

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In this letter, Allan writes "I think there is something you should know. I am now going with somebody, and have been for a couple of months now. I think it is only fair that you should know this. I still think of you as a great friend (I always…

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Birthday card from Allan to Gordon, apologizing for it being a couple days late, dated June 20, 1974.

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Greeting card from Allan to Gordon with a conch shell on the front. Allan asks how Gordon's Easter was and says his was "boring. Like every day." Dated April 17, 1974.

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In this letter, Allan apologizes for not spending more time with Gordon when he was home ("my mother was sick, what could I do!?") and asks him to say hello to Chuck (Charles Shively?) and again complains about Ricky's lack of correspondence. Dated…

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Allan writes to Gordon from Charleston, SC ("not AWOL"). In this letter Allan refers to a prior decision to "get out of the Navy" - "to get out on you know what," but says that he has now changed his mind: "I figured it wasn't worth it... So I told…

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In this letter, Allan writes "it sounds like my *hotline* was right about what was happening downtown," asks about Flo, complains that Ricky didn't write him back, and tells Gordon to say hi to Red (Ricky's friend). Dated June 7, 1973

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Allan Searcy writes from his ship in the Navy to Gordon Copeland, and asks about their mutual friends ("everyone in town") and asks him to say hello to Ricky. Dated May 4, 1973.

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Allan Searcy was Gordon's boyfriend for a time. Allan wrote to Gordon from various posts in the Navy. This letter is dated May 17, 1973. Allan notes that "It seems every day I mature more. Damn by the time I am 19 I'll be 30," shares praise he…

Autographed photograph of playwright Robert W. Russell, addressed to Gordon
This black and white glossy studio portrait has the inscription "To Gordon, A kind & sincere friend, Fondly, Bob. 'Take Me Along!'" Robert W. Russell was an American playwright who co-wrote the book (aka libretto) for the 1959 musical "Take Me Along"…

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photograph of Gordon bartending

This black and white Kodak Velox Paper candid photograph features five young white men with their arms around each other, facing the camera and smiling, standing on a sidewalk. Some of them are in jackets and ties, others more casually dressed. The…

This small, square, black and white Kodak Velox with scalloped edges appears to be of a living space (lamp, table, candles, vase, record player and vinyl records) with a painted portrait of a man posed in a chair, looking back over his shoulder at…

This tiny color print is a studio portrait of a smiling very young-looking white man in a Navy uniform. On the back is a handwritten inscription "To Gordon, with great love, Allan, '1973.'" This photo was stored along with a handwritten note on scrap…

Color Kodak print.

This small, color "Kodacolor Print" of Charles Shively is dated June 1961 - so he is approximately 24 in this photo.

This is a small black and white studio portrait photograph of Charles Shively, possibly from the time of his enrollment at Harvard. He is wearing a coat and tie, glasses with heavy rims, and a serious expression.

Black-and-white portrait photograph of a woman theatrically posing with a sword and a mask in her hands, wearing a strappy, feathered bikini top and sequined satin panties with cut-aways at the hips, and spiral earrings. She has autographed the…

This is a sepia-tone photograph of Gordon Copeland in a bar, later in life. He is wearing a swater with his name monogrammed onto the right breast. This is the photograph that Charles selected for Gordon's memorial service.

Color photograph of a dog.

This Kodak photo is a retouched, enlarged re-print of the original Polaroid of Gordon and his dog, featured in this archive. The back of the photo has a label that reads "Photo Retouched By Take Two Photocraft, 202 Mass. Avenue, Arlington, MA 02174."

Polaroid photograph of Gordon Copeland (Charles' partner) and his dog.

3.5"x3.5" black and white photograph of Gordon Copeland (Charles' partner) bartending, dated July 1968. Gordon's obituary stated that he bartended at Brumlin's.

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These handwritten sheets draft out Gordon's obituary and also include scattered notes and lists regarding his memorial service. Gordon was Charles Shively's partner.
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