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A poster for a Student Homophile League Gay Liberation Dance at Harvard University. sunday 26 april, THE GAY LIBERATION DANCE & catfishblack!

"A dance for humanity: gay, start- we are all One. Come together. Go to Harvard Free U. in Lawrence Hall,…

ArlingtonStreetChurchDance_19720929 (1)-1.png
Poster for the Homophile Union of Boston (HUB) Back to School Dance at the Arlington Street Church. Friday September 29, 1972. "Dance to the Music of The Sundance Band, Addmission [sic] $1.50 per person"

Gay Dance - Student Homophile League - 1972.jpg
Poster for Student Homophile League Gay Dance, Arlington Street Church. 1972

Poster created for a Student Homophile League Dance at the Oddfellows Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Circa 1970.

Postcard featuring young child reading "Wonder Woman" book, taken in New Words Bookstore in 1976 by Ellen Shub, Cambridge, MA.

Cover of the inaugural issue of Lavender Vision for the Lesbian Community, published in 1970, as part of  Cambridge-based Media Collective. Ultimately two issues were published between 1970 and 1971. Both are digitized and available freely via JSTOR.

In 2015, Carlos Aguilar interviewed Robert Volante in Volante's home in Boston, Massachusetts. An excerpt from the interview with Volante, about coming out to his family, is presented below. To view the full interview, contact…

On February, 12, 2012, Mark Krone interviewed John Mitzel at Mitzel's bookstore, Calamus Books, in Boston, Massachusetts. The full interview with John Mitzel is presented below.

On August 25, 2010, The History Project interviewed David Peterson about his work with Gay Community News, which he helped to found in 1973, and in other LGBTQ organizations and issues in Boston, Cambridge, and Massachusetts. The full interview with…
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