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Item GCN.ORG.00205.jpg Members of Combahee River Collective at the March and Rally for Bellana Borde against Police Brutality (Boston, January 15, 1980)
Item thp-org-combahee-river-collective-3.pdf Eleven Black Women Why Did They Die?
Item thp-org-combahee-river-collective-1.pdf 8 Black Women Why Did They Die?
Item thp-org-combahee-river-collective-2.pdf 8 Mujeres Negras ┬┐Por Que Fueron Asesinadas?
Item Beverly Smith at New Words
Item Barbara Smith, Sesquicentennial Award
Item Beverly Smith Speech
Item Beverly Smith speaking at Boston Pride, 1979.
Item newwords1_GCN_Jan_19_1974.PNG New Words Bookstore Clippings from Gay Community News