Maura Healey Campaign Pride Bracelet, 9 June 2018

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Maura Healey Campaign Pride Bracelet, 9 June 2018


9 June 2018


Who made this?

Maura Healey campaign members

Where was it made or acquired?

Boston Pride, 2018


In 2018, some friends and I signed up to march in the Boston Pride Parade with Maura Healey and volunteers from her campaign. We are all supporters of her work and hadn't marched in the parade before, so we were excited to get the chance. It was a lot of fun! Supporters passed out bracelets, like this one, to people in the crowd as we passed. I am still impressed by how fast the Attorney General can walk while still stopping to shake hands with so many people.


Maura Healey campaign


Ben Federlin, Brighton, MA


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