Magnolia Anniversary T-Shirt, 2014

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Magnolia Anniversary T-Shirt, 2014




Who made this?

Magnolia Committee members, St. Louis, MO

Where was it made or acquired?

Made in St.Louis, sent to me in 2014


The Magnolia Committee, of which I was a member, organized the first Pride Parade in St.Louis in 1980. St.Louis was (and still is) a conservative city in a very conservative state, so it was a major step to plan, obtain permits and actually have a parade. The first meeting of the group was in an apartment on Magnolia Street. We picked the safest route possible, going from what was then the LGBTQ neighborhood (Central West End) out along the major city park, and ending with a rally on the Washington University campus. We had about 500 people, many of them, particularly teachers, with bags over their heads or mask. We deemed it a success. The 25th anniversary parade, in 2014, had perhaps 25,000 folks, including spectators, was downtown, with police protection and marchers.


Magnolia Committee members


Marvin Kabakoff, Jamaica Plain, MA


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