LICK BUSH 2000 political button

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LICK BUSH 2000 political button




Who made this?

I don’t know. Perhaps a political action group in San Francisco, CA.

Where was it made or acquired?

San Francisco, CA


I was visiting San Francisco for the second time in the summer of 2000 with my friends Sarah and David, and was given this button on the street in the Castro. I had just had a fight with a boyfriend in Amherst, Massachusetts, before I left for the trip and San Francisco was an amazing place to find myself at that moment. I was given the button by someone on the street in the Castro, and I loved it! It reflected my politics and had this implied queerness to it (though perhaps that queerness was lost when the button was being worn by a gay guy). Of course, Bush became President, so during the 2004 election I added the tape and the message “NOW.” Underneath the tape it just reads “2000.”


Andrew Elder, Boston, MA


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