Coll. 094: Gaylaxian Collection


Coll. 094: Gaylaxian Collection




In February, 1986, Franklin Hummel and John Dumas formed a social group centered originally in Massachusetts but later including New Hampshire, for gay people and their friends who were interested in science fiction and fantasy. The group met periodically (the intention was monthly) at members’ homes. The group initially considered naming itself “Gay Science Fiction Fandom”, but settled on calling itself “The Gaylaxians”. It claimed to be “the first [organization] for gay fandom in the world”. By June, 1986, fourteen people attended The Gaylaxians’ monthly meeting. By February, 1987, membership had grown to 38 members.
Hummel and Dumas wrote and distributed a monthly newsletter, The Gaylaxian, typically detailing the “minutes” of the prior Gaylaxians meeting, announcing the location of next month’s meeting (someone’s home) and other fan information of interest.
Deriving from its mission of being a social organization, The Gaylaxians also created and published a Gaylaxian membership directory, intended to include Gaylaxians’ names, addresses, phone numbers and [science fiction] interests.
Later that year, 1986, Hummel, Dumas and Lars Colson attended ConFederation, the 44th World Science Fiction Convention, as representatives of The Gaylaxians, thereby establishing to the broader science fiction community the existence of The Gaylaxians as a [New England based] organization.


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