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Members of the Gay Speakers Bureau sitting and talking at a meeting. Left to Right: Gary Ralph (speaker), Warren Blumenfeld (coordinator), David Peterson (president), Anne Wadsworth (outgoing treasurer, speaker), Nancy Wechsler (speaker).

In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on April 2, 1989, host Peter Stickel interviews Cindy Patton, former managing editor of Gay Community News (GCN) and Boston's Other Voice Person of the Year. Patton is also the author of several…

In this recording of Boston's Other Voice, which aired on August 14, 1988, host Peter Stickel interviews Marc Stein and Stephanie Poggi from Gay Community News (GCN). GCN is an LGBTQ newspaper based in Boston, Mass. Poggi and Stein explain that the…

Mary Kennedy working at her desk at Gay Community News, while Russle Fortune drinks out of a mug behind her.

A man standing at an outdoor gathering with a hat that says Press on it, looking at the camera with a cigarette in his mouth.

The ruined entrance and stairway leading up to the Gay Community News office after a fire.

View of the façade of at 22 Bromfield Street where Gay Community News had its offices above next to the Glad Day Book Shop.
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