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Probate Judge Orville Hallrich, Batavia Ohio court June 6, 1945
Charles Shively, portrait as a toddler

Northern Light Studio, Bethel, Ohio 1938
Coll.12 - Fag Rag Publication.pdf

Fag Rag Collective 1971-1987
Coll #015 Next Publication.pdf

Next (Publisher: Gary L. Chefetz and Jim Evanelista 1987-1989
Coll #018 David Peterson Collection.pdf

David Peterson 1960-1987
Coll.31 - Dignity Collection Finding Aid.pdf

The History Project 1982-1997 (Bulk 1995-1997)

The History Project; Documenting LGBTQ Boston Circa late-19th century - 2005

International Foundation for Gender Education

Cambridge Medical Examiner certificate filed on December 6, 1977 (three days after death on December 3)
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probably Charles Shively Sometime between November 23, 1995 (the day of Gordon's passing) and December 7, 1995 (the day the obituary was printed in the Boston Globe).
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