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Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) members protesting on the sidewalk with signs: "The Herald Fuels Hate" and "GLAAD" with police officers in the background.

Conference registration table at the 1st National Lesbian and Gay Education Conference.

Keynote luncheon speaker Virginia Uribe surrounded by (left to right): David Hagans, Board Member, The Fund for Human Dignity; Keynote luncheon speaker Simon Watney; Sherrie Cohen, Executive Director, The Fund for Human Dignity; Abby Tallner,…

Opening panelists Dennis medina, Board Member, Organizacion Latina Lesbiana y Gay and June Chan, Founding Member, Asian Lesbians of the East Coast.

Barbara Smith, Publisher, Kitchen Table Women of Color Press, speaks at a podium.

Sherrie Cohen, executive director, The Fund for Human Dignity, candidly speaking.

Opening Panel, featuring (left to right): Barbara Smith, Publisher, Kitchen Table Women of Color Press; Rev. Renee McCoy, Executive Director, National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays; A. Damien Martin, Ed.D., Co-Founder and Executive Director,…

Simon Watney, author of Policing Desire: Pornography, AIDS, and the Media, sitting at a table.

Opening Panel, featuring (left to right): Barbara Smith, Publisher, Kitchen Table Women of Color Press; Rev. Renee McCoy, Executive Director, National Coalition of Black Lesbians + Gays; A. Damien Martin, Ed.D., Co-Founder + Executive Director,…

A man holds the Lesbian and Gay Freedom Trail Band in Boston banner with the band standing behind him and a crowd looking on.

The Freedom Trail Band playing and marching down a city street with a group of people dancing in the street behind them.

View from above of members of Fort Hill Faggots for Freedom holding banners and balloons while marching down the street.

Collings to head FCHC's Capital Campaign Efforts. Harry Collings (center), new Associate Director of the Fenway Community Health Center, discusses plans for the Center's new facility with (from left to right) Stewart Landers, chairperson for the…

A few of Dorchester GALA's members getting ready for their annual Starlight Extravaganza. (Left to rght) Matthew Oliva, emcee, Barbara, Dan and Rodynet.

Dorchester GALA's first co-director Will Hutchinson (center) greets (from left to right) new co-directors Ed Cook and Diane Fischler, secretary Todd Luspinski and treasurer Lucia Littlefield.

Don Di Rocco and another man in Di Rocco's Cabaret t-shirts working on a construction project

Two men smiling at an ornate cake.

State House foster love speakout, June 11, 1990, sponsored by Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights. Gay father, Jack Wofford and lesbian daughter Jennifer Wofford speak at noon.

Lisa Troy, Susan Abod, and Marshall Hughes from Alive with AIDS at Club Cabaret.

A group of men and women mingle with refreshments at the Charles Street Meeting House.

A promotional photo for the reggae, folk band Casselberry-Dupree, with band members Judith Casselberry and Jaque Dupree, sitting with a guitar in front of them.

Officer William Dickinson, BPD, Community Disorder Unit and Undercover Vice, staring directly at the camera, wearing a suit and tie.

GCN.ORG.00175 - Copy_ref.jpg
Boston Police Department Superintendent John F. Doyle, in an impressive stripes and plaid suit and tie combination, stands in a hallway with uniformed Deputy Superintendent Joseph V. Saia.

Head shot of Donald Devine, not smiling at the camera, wearing a suit and tie.

This photograph has been overlaid with an orange transparency so that the figures of the two police officers and the older man they are talking to stand out in front of a crowd which is not overlaid and remains black and white

GCN.ORG.00171 - Copy_ref.jpg
A close up of the Boston Police patrolman badge.

GCN.ORG.00170 - Copy_ref.jpg
The seal of the police painted on a car door.

GCN.ORG.00169 - Copy_ref.jpg
A man face down on the ground being handcuffed by two police officers.

GCN.ORG.00166 - Copy_ref.jpg
Head shot of Edward McNelley in suit and tie.

GCN.ORG.00164 - Copy_ref.jpg
Narratives Performing Co., in Narratives, by Cheryl Clarke at the Boston Women's Theater Festival '85.

GCN.ORG.00159 - Copy_ref.jpg
Five members of the musical entertainment for a Boston Living Center event, sitting in a hallway, smiling for the camera.

GCN.ORG.00158 - Copy_ref.jpg
Three men, including J.R. McEvoy of the Boston Living Center, in conversation laughing.

GCN.ORG.00153 - Copy_ref.jpg
A round of applause comes from a large group of Boston Lesbians and Gay Men Against the Right members in a room with a sign on the wall: "The Stonewall Inn".

Some members of the Boston Gay Men's Chorus singing at rehearsal with a pianist in the foreground.

Section of Boston Gay Men's Chorus posing on steps, looking like they have broken into song.

The Boston Gay Men's Chorus poses on steps with hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them.

A small section of the Boston Gay Men's Chorus singing Liset.

Group portrait of the Boston Gay Men's Chorus on some steps.

Chris Garin poses in front of a hand lettered sign reading: "Boston Gay Hotline 426-9371".

Peter Maroon (far left) and a woman named Millie smiling in a crowd and wearing a BAHR badge.

Six posed people from Between Takes. "Dance Into the Night" episode.

De Anna Battle dancing with percussionists in background.
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