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ACLU of Southern California, Gay Rights Chapter likely between 1976 and January 1, 1980
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Allan Searcy not dated (likely between 1973-1974 based on dates of other correspondence in archive)
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Allan Searcy not dated, but likely February of 1975 based on other letters in the archive
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Based on other letters in the archive, this letter seems to be written by Carol, at the time the wife of Gordon Copeland (Charles Shively’s future partner). unknown to the archivist

Bright's Aristocrat Line 1996 (between Sept 16 and Sept 21)

Cambridge Medical Examiner certificate filed on December 6, 1977 (three days after death on December 3)

City of Cambridge Registry of Vital Records and Statistics certificate dated November 29, 1995

Henry Hill (this is the portrait company name printed on the margin of the photograph), in New Brompton, Kent likely around December 1932

Middlesex Probate and Family Court Department envelope dated February 23, 1985. (form itself is not dated)
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Millikin & Fitton Law Firm The letter presenting the documents is dated November 6, 1996; his signature on them on November 20, 1996.

Most likely, a local Fairfield Ohio newspaper. most likely, a few days after September 16 1996
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newspaper publisher, unknown estimated around 1960, definitely prior to January 17 1961 (see description)
Charles Shively, portrait as a toddler

Northern Light Studio, Bethel, Ohio 1938
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Old Cambridge Baptist Church sometime between the date of Gordon's passing (November 23, 1995) and the date of the memorial service (December 8, 1995)
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Orville Hallrich, Batavia Ohio Judge August 23, 1965
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probably Charles Shively Sometime between November 23, 1995 (the day of Gordon's passing) and December 7, 1995 (the day the obituary was printed in the Boston Globe).
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probably Charles Shively between November 23, 1995 (date of Gordon's passing) and December 8, 1995 (date of Gordon's memorial service)
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Probate Judge Orville Hallrich, Batavia Ohio court June 6, 1945

Ray Barrett Photography, 1919 Pacific Avenue, Dallas

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations July 1931

The Boston Globe and three newspapers whose names are not evident on the clippings. December 7, 1995 for one of the obituaries; the others are not dated but are probably not long after Gordon's death on November 23, 1995.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Correction unknown

The W.H. Anderson Company, Law Publishers, Cincinnati, Ohio 45201

unknown July 1968

unknown to the archivists unknown to the archivists
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unknown to the archivists apparently at the end of 1995

perhaps 1937 (if one of the babies is Charles, who was born that year)

late 1940s or early 1950s
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printed not long before Gordon's Memorial Service on December 8, 1995
  • Collection: Charles Shively Collection
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