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This is a business card for a Deputy Director at the Massachusetts' Department of Correction, named Michael D. Shively (Ph.D.). The History Project does not currently know what relation Michael has to Charles Shively. The card gives Michael's office…

This is what appears to be a memorial announcement for Charles Shively's father, Mearl Shively, The text gives the dates of birth and death (December 15 1915-January 28 1970), as well as his occupation and union membership (3rd Shift Welder, Dept.…

A small Kodak photograph of what seems to be the Shively coat of arms.

This sepia-tone portrait photograph (headshot) is signed "Charles Allen Shively" with the date "[illegible] 1950." If this photograph is from 1950, Charles is 12 or 13 years old. He is wearing a white collar shirt. Blue ink from his signature has…

In this sepia-tone portrait photograph, Charles Shively in his childhood or adolescence and is wearing a button-up collar shirt with an irregular geometric pattern.

In this portrait photograph, Charles seems to be in his early teens. His shirt has a pale collar, back, and chest, with dark shoulders. He has a slight smile. The photograph may have been in black and white with color added.

In this portrait photo, Charles Shively as a child is wearing a white button-up shirt. The photograph may have been black and white with color added. It features his head and shoulders.

This appears to be 6 copies of the same photo on one strip (perhaps a school portrait), wallet-sized, at various levels of contrast. Charles Shively as a teen.

This appears to be a school portrait photo: a photograph of Charles as a teenager, only head and shoulders in the frame, wearing a white collar shirt. It was stored in a red pocket-sized cardboard booklet, with the handwritten date 1953-1954 on the…

A young man stands facing the camera in an empty field with trees at the edge, in front of a sign that states "NO VEHICLES ALLOWED." The back of the photograph is labeled in handwriting "Pvt. Roy J. Shively, Co # 207-64-1st, Camp Blanding, Fl,…

In this photograph, two men stand side by side against the outside of a building, each holding a baby. The two men are possibly Charles Shively's father (Mearl Carleton Shively) and Charles' uncle (Roy J. Shively).

Family Portrait
Probably Charles Shively as a child with his mother (Florence), father (Mearl Carlton Shively), and three other children - one brother (Stephen or Mearl Jr.), and sister (possibly Ilene or Jean) posing in a field in front of a car, in which another…

Charles Shively, portrait as a toddler
This is a professional portrait photograph of Charles Shively, labeled "Age 1 yr."

An elderly woman with white hair and glasses sits in a chair on the sidewalk in front of Gordon Copeland's florist shop ("Cope's Hope"). She is petting a German Shepard dog. Behind her stands Gordon Copeland with dark curly hair and sunglasses,…

In this photograph, Charles Shivley's partner, Gordon Copeland is standing outside his florist shop, Cope's Hope Florist.

This photograph shows two people and a dog standing outside a shop, which appears to be Cope's Hope Florist (Charles' partner's florist shop in Cambridge MA).
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