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Sandy Lowe, LAMBDA Legal Defense and Education Fund, standing outside speaking into a microphone.

Ladies Against Women members dressed in flowery hats holding signs reading: "Have a Nice Day, Fire a Gay", "Ladies Against Women", and "Procreation not Recreation, close your eyes and do your duty!", stand in front of a stage where Girlilla members…

"Students of Ballet, (advanced, Pointe class) shown here, under the direction of instructor, Terry Shields. These students are in The Morning Intensive Program for Dancers in Training at The Joy of Movement Center. These advanced students are now…

"Students in Jazz dance under the direction of instructor John DeLuca are shown here in preparation for Jazz dance demonstration for upcoming Joy of Movement Free Spring Open Houses. Jazz dance is just one of over 50 kinds of dance and movement…

The entrance to the Jolar Cinema with signs: "Movies", "25 cent Private Booths", "Jolar Cinemas welcomes you to Boston's entertainment center".

Benjamin Thompson, senior advisor on equal rights for the city of Boston, Human Rights Commission

Tim McFeely speaking into a megaphone in a photo gallery during at fundraiser for HRCF at the ICA.

Tim McFeely holds up a photograph while speaking into a megaphone in a photo gallery.

Opening of Mission Hill Hospice, Oct. 26, 1989. Left to Right: Lynn Kortenhaus, P.R. counsel; William Wiggins, vice president, Bay Banks; Ray Flynn, mayor; Regina Rockefeller, chair of the board; William Wallace, executive director.

Opening of Hospice at Mission Hill, Oct. 26, 1989. Left to Right: David Mulligan, Mass. DPH; J.R. McEvoy, PWA Coalition; Ray Flynn, Mayor; Kelly Farqu Lasson, Mission Hill community leader; Kevin Fitzgerald, State rep.; Larry Kessler, AAC.

Joanna James posing on a stage in the crowded Haymarket Bar

Members of Grass Roots Gay Rights Fund pass a donation check to members of Fenway Victim Recovery Program. Left to Right: John Boiley, Mark Christoff, Jon Goode, Ron Bilotas (all from GRGRF), Joyce Collier and Robert Winneman (Fenway). GRGRF donates…

Four photographs of Freddie Greenfield arranged in a collage

Two police officers standing and watching a protest by Good Gay Poets in Provincetown, MA.

Protesters from Good Gay Poets walking down the sidewalk in front of Valerie's Restaurant in Provincetown, MA wearing signs such as: "Gay is Good!", "No More Oppression or Fear", and "Valerie's is not a Restaurant, It is a Closet."

A group from Good Gay Poets gathers on a sidewalk in front of some houses, most carrying protest signs.

A man and a woman holding signs reading: "Protest Reading Tonight Art Association Lawn 460 Commercial St." and "Stop Gay Oppression" pose on the together on a sidewalk .

A man holding a sign reading: "Protest Reading Tonight Art Association 460 Commercial St." (Provincetown, MA) is met by police officers on the street.

Men and women of Good Gay Poets protesting on the street in a residential neighborhood (Provincetown, MA) with signs reading: "Protest Reading Tonight Art Association 460 Commercial St."

The ruined entrance and stairway leading up to the Gay Community News office after a fire.

Canadian Vice-Consul Francois La Rochelle and Jearald Moldenhauer of Glad Day Bookshop Boston/Toronto.

Window display at Glad Bookstore with books such as: Gay American History, A Woman Appeared to Me, The Church and the Homosexual, as well as copies of Gay Community News, Maine Gay Task Force Newsletter, and Christopher Street.

Members of Girth and Mirth standing and sitting while chatting over drinks and snacks near a buffet table.

Girth and Mirth steering committee, Left to Right: Louis St. Aupin, Bob Yolte, Lenny Federico, Neil Byrnes, Dave Barnes, Reed Wilgoren, Conrad.

Six panel members, including Amy Hoffman of Gay Community News, sit facing the Gay Press Conference.

Gay Press Convention, January 10, 1981. Left to Right, facing the camera: Bruce Voeller, Mariposa Foundation, Peter Frisch, publisher, The Advocate.

Gay Press Advertising Panel, Gay Press Conference January 09, 1981, Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY. Left to Right: Joe Di Sabato, Rivendell Marketing (conference organizer); Charles Morris, publisher, The Sentinel (San Francisco); Peter Frisch,…

Circulation and Distribution Panel members, Gay Press Conference January 09, 1981, Roosevelt Hotel, NY. Left to Right: Mark Segal, publisher and managing editor, Philadelphia Gay News; Amy Hoffman, managing editor, Gay Community News (Boston); Robert…

Eight men from the small magazine caucus at the Gay Press conference pose standing as a group.

A group of people posed outside a building during the Gay Newspaper Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mike Chapman - Philadelphia Gay News; Mark Segal, Joe Demarco - Gayzette, Philadelphia.

Three members of the Gay Press Association, including Amy Hoffman of Gay Community News, sitting at a reception during the Gay Press conference, eating.

Three members of the Gay Press Association, including Amy Hoffman of Gay Community News, chatting over drinks at the Gay Press conference.

Three men, including Bruce Voeller of Mariposa Foundation, sit at a dining table eating during the Gay Press Conference.

A man hands Gay Press Association president, Joe Di Sabato a proclamation from the Office of the President of the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York.

A large room with rows of tables filled with people wearing nametags and racing forward. One man stands speaking into a microphone in the center aisle of the room.

Joe Di Sabato of the Gay Press Association shakes the hand of Dr. James Tinney professor of journalism at Howard University at the Gay Press Conference.

Editorial Contents Panel Members, Gay Press Conference. Left to Right: Joe Di Sabato; Ross Wetzsteon, editor, Village Voice; Dr. James Tinney, Howard University professor of journalism

Portrait of the four elected officers of the Gay Press Association. Left-Right: Mark Segal, vice president; Phil Nash, secretary; Joe Di Sabato, president; Morgan Pinney, treasurer

Eight men from the Gay Press Association sitting around a dinner table before dinner, smiling happily at the camera.

A group of men standing in a row, holding beers and wearing winter clothes inside, while smiling at the camera at the Boston Gay Men's Center.

Ten men at the Gay Men's Center sitting at a round table at a meeting.

Seven members of the Gay Health Collective sitting around a table with a cake on it, looking at the camera.

A man standing at an outdoor gathering with a hat that says Press on it, looking at the camera with a cigarette in his mouth.
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