Honey, Let's Get Married: A Community-Generated History of Marriage Equality


Honey, Let's Get Married: A Community-Generated History of Marriage Equality


The story of marriage equality in Massachusetts is often shared through a legal perspective: the Goodridge v. Department of Public Health case, the work of legal and advocacy groups, and the relationships of the seven plaintiff couples. While this perspective is crucial to understanding marriage equality as a whole, countless personal stories of LGBTQ+ love and joy from the past 20 years have not been documented. To address this historical gap, The History Project is launching Honey, Let’s Get Married!, a digital collecting initiative that enables community members to submit their own wedding stories, their photographs, invitations, vows, and other materials. Submissions will be preserved and shared in The History Project’s digital archives for future generations.

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The Story of Our Wedding
This documents the story of our wedding, starting with when we waited outside Cambridge City Hall with friends to get our wedding licenses. Cambridge opened at midnight to make this happen. It was a momentous, joyous occasion. I don't recall when I…

Lisa_Deb_Max at wedding
Lisa and Deb Levheim Marriage.

Getting Married at Land's End
My partner, Esther ("Terry") Carson Bremer, and I grew up in the 1940s and 1950s, hearing that gay people were either dreadfully sick or big sinners. We first became a couple in 1975. We lived joyfully because we had found each other, but our early…

Getting Married
Mark and I married ourselves around the dining table on January 1, 1996 in Kittery, Maine. Then, when marriage equality became a reality, we drove from our home in Tucson, Arizona, got married at the home of friends in San Diego. It was such a…

Getting Married in the Public Garden, 2018
My wife (Sarah) and I had planned a destination wedding in Florida, but were convinced that we needed to have a Massachusetts marriage license. On the anniversary of our first date, which was a Monday, we brought our wedding outfits to work with us…

In line for our marriage license and photo with Mayor Menino
On the first day we could go to Boston City Hall and get a marriage license we waited in line. Inga was pregnant with our twin daughters. We had a ceremony on May 23rd and the girls were born on June 9, 2004.

Lined up for a marriage license
The first day marriage licenses were available to us in MA - May 17, 2004. Peter Muise and Tony Grima wait in line for a marriage license at Boston City Hall. Note the sign - Boston knew there would be a big rush for these licenses, and made…
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