The History Project is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that was founded in 1980 in order to document and preserve the history of Boston's LGBTQ communities, and to share that information with the world. Since the documentation of the LGBTQ experience is fragmentary and scattered, it has remained largely inaccessible to researchers, educators, the general public, and even the gay community itself. Through its mission, THP seeks to provide an accurate portrayal of the contributions our community has made to the political, cultural and economic life of the region.

One way we make Boston's LGBTQ history accessible is through our archival collections. Volunteer archivists are building this site in order to provide access to our collection finding aids and highlight selections from the collections housed in THP's archives.

Recently Added Items

Interview with Bob Volante [Excerpt]: On Coming Out, 2015


In 2015, Carlos Aguilar interviewed Robert Volante in Volante's home in Boston, Massachusetts. An excerpt from the interview with Volante, about…

Interview with John Mitzel, 2012


On February, 12, 2012, Mark Krone interviewed John Mitzel at Mitzel's bookstore, Calamus Books, in Boston, Massachusetts. The full interview with John…

Interview with David Peterson, 2010


On August 25, 2010, The History Project interviewed David Peterson about his work with Gay Community News, which he helped to found in 1973, and in…